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  1. Najam Khan

    Transparency Vs Secrecy Pros & Cons

    Mod Edit moved from http://www.defence.pk/forums/jf-17-thunder/71435-jf-17-thunder-information-pool-26.html#post3159818 because the discussion was interesting but off topic and deserved a separate thread I don't need fake ID for that:D From what I have seen that PAF still has the cold war...
  2. Najam Khan

    Counter-MMRCA Strategy of PAF

    Counter-MMRCA Strategy of PAF Posted on February 26, 2012 by Najam Khan Indian Air Force (IAF) has finalised the long awaited deal of 126 Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) with Dassault, a leading aviation industry of France. Dassault will deliver 126 Rafale MMRCA to India in the next...
  3. Najam Khan

    PAF vintage pictures in colour!

    PAF in colour Hi all, Following are my recent digital image processing work, i hope you have seen their original versions...if not i'll post them! No.9 Sqn pilots posing for camera before 23rd March, 1964 fly past. Prominent among the group are Rashid Bhatti (retd as Air Cdre), Late Sqn...
  4. Najam Khan

    Poles in PAF

    Poles in PAF After independence of Pakistan in 1947, thirty Polish officers and technicians who served RAF in WWII joined PAF. Poland soon become a communist country, and these Polish men decided to live in Pakistan for the rest of their life. RPAF consisted of Tempest, Fury, Harvad, Auster...
  5. Najam Khan

    Afghanistan From Above

    Every year the US military snap tens of thousands of photographs during daily operations in Afghanistan. In this gallery you can get the same view of the varied landscape of the country as the troops get as they sit in their helicopters and planes. source
  6. Najam Khan

    Guns and Bullet Sculptures

    American sculptor Al Farrow creates Christian reliquaries and Islamic mosques as small scale masterpieces made with bullets, hand grenades, bombs and guns. This contemporary sculpture design mixes beauty with ammunition and danger with art as one of these sculptures almost cost him his life when...
  7. Najam Khan

    PAF F-16 photos thread

  8. Najam Khan

    PAF F-16 photos thread

    Dear all, This thread is made for compilation of good F16s shots....If you came across one post it here, :cheers:
  9. Najam Khan

    Thunder & Sherdils coming to Islamabad!!!

    Thunders & Sherdils coming to Islamabad, the air display will be conducted at F9 park Islamabad on 22nd May, its a public demonstration....Oh BTW confirmed news! Generally PAF don't took part in public airshows, In 1997 PAF conducted a joint airshow with Red Arrows at the same place. Then in...
  10. Najam Khan

    Block52 in town...!

    Here are some Exclusive pictures of Block52s...enjoy! Engg Team with Block52
  11. Najam Khan

    PAF Patches

    Hi All, Post your collection of Pakistan Air Force patches. Following is an Exclusive Block52 Patch
  12. Najam Khan

    Pakistan Air Force Calendar 2010(HDR version)

    AoA All, Here goes PAF Calendar 2010, i have tried my level best in showing modernization in PAF...i hope you will like it;) PS:-The dimensions are 1024X768, for printing purpose its 14.222X10.666 inches
  13. Najam Khan

    PAF Vintage Pictures remade!

    AoA All, Since past few weeks i have been playing around with some old PAF photos in PS.....and here is the output.... Enjoy!
  14. Najam Khan

    A Tribute to Shuada-e-Kohat Crash

    Exactly Six years ago a PAF VVIP F-27 aircraft crashed in Kohat.The tragic incident caused a great damage to the country and airforce.Air Chief Mushaf,his wife begum Bilquis Mushaf Ali and 15 gallant men were among the Shuada. Here is a tribute to all of them. A memorable photo of Six...
  15. Najam Khan

    Remembering old commercials...

    Rememeber that old tv commercial of Naz Pan Masala...Arifa Siddiqi dancing around ...meri muthi mein ban hai kya? Bata do na! and then she opened her hand in what was to become the signature style of Naz Pan Masala Then there was this ad of Red and White Cigaretts... the story of a whole...
  16. Najam Khan

    A Rare Photo of F-16s arrival in Jan,1983

    This picture was taken after first ever arrival of F-16s in Pakistan.It shows Wng Cdr Shahid Latif Shaking hand with VCOAS A Rashid Shaikh. Though i have added colors in some pictures earlier but this picture was very difficult,because the picture contains too much details in the...
  17. Najam Khan

    PAFwallpapers.com on the Brink of Lauch!!!

    I and some of my friends were working on this website since past few months and finally everything is ready.After uploading promotional videos of the website here goes the first batch of Sample Wallpapers based upon upcoming stuff on Pakistan Airforce Wallpapers For viewing higher resolution...
  18. Najam Khan

    Pakistan Airforce Sketches...

    ASA all, I think its nearly 1.5yr when i last logged in here....its great to see so many soooper changes going on the site,new design make it really worth watching website.In a nut shell Great job all..keep up the good work! Anyway now coming to the main topic here goes some selected PAF...

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