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  1. Najam Khan

    Pakistan Army Aviation Corps - Updated

    Earlier this week, One Cobra afflicted heavy damage during CAS to 35 Punjab soliders in Zarbezab, heli came under severe fire from mountain tops. High professional handling by the pilots in taking back heli safely home thus saving a valuable asset.
  2. Najam Khan

    Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman Flying in The F-16 Block 52+ On Pakistan Day Parade.

    Good media stunt by PAF (a long awaited one!) Regarding CAS F16 flying as GIBS in a "4-star" marked F16 - No big deal in that, its business as usual :)
  3. Najam Khan

    Capabilities of PAF Dassault MIRAGE-III/V.

    For Delta lovers! More photos here. Inter-Squadron Armament Competition'2007 7 SQN 27 SQN
  4. Najam Khan

    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    Falco XN have been extensively employed in operation Zarb-e-Azb. Below are some photos from an operational base.
  5. Najam Khan

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 6]

    Some photos from CCS and T&E wing... T&E - Minhas IDEAS'14 CCS - 2015
  6. Najam Khan

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    9 SQN - 2011 (before MLU) Sound of freedom!! Arrows - 6ship formation during a multinational exercise.
  7. Najam Khan

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Some random photos... (more here) 19SQN (2014) F-16B 83605 - The aircraft was involved in shooting down of IAF UAV in 2002. 9 SQN F16MLU
  8. Najam Khan

    PAF Air Refueling Capability

    Yes, valid point. PAF has been evaluting these since past 5 years now. Something will come up! Yes they do. The weapons package for Mirages/JF-17s has been improving. Few years from now, we shall see Thunders with improved Standoff Weapons (including Ra'ad). Lastly regarding strike package...
  9. Najam Khan

    PAF Air Refueling Capability

    That time you are referring was in 1999-2002. We had 32-34 F16s, we were literally struggling to get them in the air. PAF had no option but to disperse them across various bases as *morale booster* and as top cover. Now things are changed; our F-16 strength is double then those; soon it will be...
  10. Najam Khan

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Just a pit stop while coming bk from US.
  11. Najam Khan

    PAF Air Refueling Capability

    No we don't. Here is the summary... 1- PAF don't have intra-regional doctrine neither we have strategic depth. 2- Tankers for us are handy in case of strike/longer patrols (which is need/situation based). Close proximity of FOBs and operational bases practically rule out the need of tankers for...
  12. Najam Khan

    Embargoed F-16s: The untold story.

    No more Bk52s; However PAF would love to get cheaper F-16A/B airframes (provided they have 50% life remaining before any upgrade.) Unfortunately CAS can't dictate Govt if funds are not made available on time. These are long-term projects broken into four QPRs for one year, if allocated funds...
  13. Najam Khan

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Thats untrue, a typical Indian *over-reporting* just to create hype about Pakistan's military capabilities.
  14. Najam Khan

    JF-17 Thunder Multirole Fighter [Thread 6]

    Not much to it, I see its baseline inductions by mid 2016. Currently avionics testing going on in Kamra avionics facility.
  15. Najam Khan

    Is the JF-17 Really a Tough Sell for China and Pakistan?

    JF-17's export orders can't be met before 2016 from Pakistani assembly lines. The roll out of new FC-1 from Chengdu flight center and its evaluation is important for this project. If PLAN/PLAAF plans to induct FC-1 after this evaluation(on which they were not reluctant in past) or agrees for a...
  16. Najam Khan

    Pakistan F-16 Discussions 2

    Such underground facilities are operationally possible to make on a new location (provided lots of funds are available). Mega construction on existing bases (in present security situation) is not viable option.
  17. Najam Khan

    How to Join PAF as GDP | Main Thread

    There are no tricks, generally guys get away with things in initial medical. But final CMB is quite detailed, and there is generally close margin among participants. Good luck.
  18. Najam Khan

    Mirage, F-7PG and other combat aircrafts

    Your observations are right, the changes in these aircraft antennas/sensors is after almost 26 years of service. The above two photos are from the initial batches (circa 1989-1991) and last photo is from 2008/9 period (you should use this as reference). Few recent photos are attached.
  19. Najam Khan

    Pakistan Air Force | News & Discussions.

    Few of my digital illustration artwork (on 1971 war) and PAF historic photos are published in this book "Sentinels in the sky". Attached is its acknowledgements page.
  20. Najam Khan

    Pakistan UAVs News & Discussions

    Its a sensitive technology and require too much expertise (read R&D). Although modular technology is in place for sensors (and lots of off-the-shelve components) but the basic issues related to avionics and air frame limitations take quite good time. Once a basic combat/flight profile is...

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