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  1. khanz

    Featured Trump supporters have breached the Capitol building, tearing down 4 layers of security fencing

    We are deeply concerned by the actions of these white terrorists who have brutally occupied the U.S capital and urge a return to democracy and rule of law . Be assured Pakistan and it's allies Iran, China and Russia are monitoring the situation closely and will be calling an emergency meeting at...
  2. khanz

    Russia: India is an object of the west

    biggest blunder Pakistan did was falling into western orbit when Russia was geographically much closer neighbour should have been neutral from the start and just let them handle Afghanistan and leave them to it Russia would have kept that place under control. Instead Pakistan allowed itself to...
  3. khanz

    Why MOSSAD has never tried to assassinate Hafiz Saeed and Hammad Lakhvi !!!

    Because israel isn't a dumbass country like pakistan and will only do things In interest of their national security. Pakistanis started the whole "beef" unnecessarily when they sent fighter pilots to fight israel in a conflict that had nothing to do with them
  4. khanz

    Pakistani Fashion

  5. khanz

    Featured Palestinian president praises Pakistan over its refusal to recognise Israel

    Keep your praise and get lost Palestine we don't need their cookie crumbs -Pakistan the biggest benders in history when it comes to ummah can't believe so many of you getting happy from the most shallow gestures from Arabs. Everyone in it for themselves Pak needs to do the same- Turkey, Sudan...
  6. khanz

    Dear Sheikh Hasina

    ugghh......this Naila Inayat Twitter bitch pisses me off fake Indian propaganda account constantly obsessed with Pakistan all the followers are BJP trolls sucking her d ick.
  7. khanz

    Pakistani Fashion

  8. khanz

    Welcome inferiority complex: Lets discuss skin colour

    lol yes ALL ARABS- I was talking about Levant and Arabian peninsula but good that you literally needed Africa and used DOZENS countries and all overseas Arab origin in the world to be able even compare yourselves against Pakistan :cheesy: Still even with all your numbers and massive wealth you...
  9. khanz

    Welcome inferiority complex: Lets discuss skin colour

    Yes Pakistanis got triggered because they are among the most racially tolerant nations and will not like it if they think you are being racist. The average Pakistani has no problem with skin colour thankfully unlike our neighbours and the Middle east...........
  10. khanz

    Pakistani Fashion

  11. khanz

    Welcome inferiority complex: Lets discuss skin colour

    What does a common Pakistani look like ? it's really a nationality not race or ethnicity. We are the 5th largest people on earth and can't be pigeonholed there's not one common look in the country . We are diverse with multiple ethnic groups and our people are more than...
  12. khanz

    Pakistanis Giving Sanghis "Pakistani Abbu" Amazing Treatment in America

    don't usually support this kind of behavior usually but this guy is the vilest hatemonger he deserves it. If he had his way he would straight up genocide all muslims he's basically a Pakistani Katie Hopkins .We need some Pakistani intellectuals to come out and expose him on international forums...
  13. khanz

    Has Pakistan become the last hope for all muslims across the world?

    Why it's mighty Pakistan ofcourse ! afterall we love our brothers so much we named our capital city after the religion and even renamed our major city and sports stadium after Arab kings and dictators ! I mean just look at who is the only government and people bending over for it the answer is...
  14. khanz

    Priyanka Chopra gets called a hypocrite in public

    I saw this on Pak twitter when it blew up from the start I think I'm in love -aside from this girl just being so beautiful she really steps up for us. So proud of her btw is not some fan but a Pakistani queen she's actually youtuber/Instagram model guys please get on social media and show her...
  15. khanz

    Just Another Indian Girl to Marry Pakistani Cricketer

    not a big deal very common for Pakistanis and Indian muslims to marry esp when living outside the sub-continent no matter how much the hardcore nationalists deny it. Anyway best of luck to both of them.
  16. khanz

    Afghanistan is Pakistan’s Principal Enemy

    They have had huge problems with each other like when they nearly went to war when they executed Iranian diplomats they also did genocide of shia hazaras . Pakistan gets more of their attention due demography -Afghans are extreme ethnic chauvinists and very tribal minded and pashtuns are...
  17. khanz

    Afghanistan is Pakistan’s Principal Enemy

    I've said this for years Afghanistan is the worst country to Pak even afghans living a liberal western countries their whole lives they haven't lost their racist ,violent and tribal mindset. Did you guys ever wonder why the Iranians keep them on a tight leash and all their other borders with...
  18. khanz

    A completely ignored Pak-Afghan history from 1947-1979 a must read

    I told you all from the start we need a divorce afghanistan is the biggest hater and need to keep as little involvement as possible and completely cut off from them and keep a closed border still many P@kis wanna be butt buddies with them because "ummah"
  19. khanz

    Pak & Afghan fans fight outside Headingley after plane flew with a message "Justice For Balochistan"

    wow social media been blowing up Pakistanis went complete savage against Afghans on twitter . I actually feel bad for the afghans I think they were genuinely shocked and hurt by the brutal and big response even from non-nationalist Pakistanis even the ones who are not against Pak were annoyed...
  20. khanz

    Pakistani Fashion

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