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  1. Vapnope

    Jack Ma makes 1st public appearance via video link since Alibaba came under tougher scrutiny

    15 Journalists were killed in India and their murders remain unsolved mystery. It is just a sham democracy with a bigger market.
  2. Vapnope

    Smoker's Corner

    Your writings are a delight to read. Would love to meet you in person some day. I hope you are enjoying best of your health now.
  3. Vapnope

    PAF options for IAF Jaguar upgrade

    Quwa once indicated that Pakistan and Turkey were working on a similar cluster munitions back in 2016. I don't know whatever happened to that program.
  4. Vapnope

    Arnab Goswami starts attack PM Imran Khan without clarifying his WhatsApp leaked chat

    The guy must be something in India but in Pakistan he remains a third rate lousy clown. I don't think he should be given any space at PDF at all.
  5. Vapnope

    Chinese village in Arunachal: As India fumes, Beijing says construction in ‘our own territory' is normal

    4.1km inside Indian territory. One wonders where were their intelligence agencies were sleeping when this was happening? Or Modi is actually a Chinese pawn giving Indian land to China for free.
  6. Vapnope

    JF-17 vs Rafale: Why Pakistani JF-17 Thunder Poses A Serious Threat To Indian Rafale Fighter Jets?

    Yeah we understand your intent of trolling but China has better planes than JF17 hence they don't induct it themselves. The program was intended for PAF for a reason. About how potent is this fighter can be asked by IAF where they showed electronic signatures of JF17s nearest LOC back in 27th...
  7. Vapnope

    South African cricket Series in Pakistan

    Not a fan of cricket but this is awesome news. The blood and sweat of sons of soil made this possible. Long live Pakistan and death to enemies of peace in Pakistan.
  8. Vapnope

    Indian pilot fired from job on account of criticizing supreme leader.

    And these bhakts tell chinese that they live under fascism. Oi oi !
  9. Vapnope

    Afghan VP Amrullah Saleh: Pleasant meeting with NSA Ajit Doval. We discussed the enemy

    Saleh is living his last moments of limelight. India or US or anyone else is not going to save him from what is coming his way. The solution to tackle the "enemy" is a far fetched dream and a pipe dream now.
  10. Vapnope

    LCA Tejas far better than China-Pak JF-17 fighters, says IAF Chief

    If this was so advanced why Tejas were rejected by IAF?
  11. Vapnope

    No withdrawal of Chinese troops from Ladakh border: Army Chief

    @siegecrossbow Their media has become such a disgrace that Indian army routinely has to come up with clarification. These media houses allegedly have informers/sources on the ground who fed them such reports for chest thumping and Modi Bhakts go into overdrive thinking Chinese are some walkover.
  12. Vapnope

    Gravitas: Indian Army Chief's message to Pakistan & China

    Did he name Pakistan and China explicitly?
  13. Vapnope

    More LCA Tejas For The IAF: $5.2 Billion Deal For Mark 1A Variant To Be Signed By December,

    It would be a good step for self reliance. Lets see how it goes.
  14. Vapnope

    What a Sight India netra Awacs flanked by Indian designed fighters

    It was a good picture and now the thread has become a troll fest. We engage in useless trolling !
  15. Vapnope

    China withdraws troops from LaC: Indian Media

    Haha see Chinese and Pakistanis know Indian media.
  16. Vapnope

    China withdraws troops from LaC: Indian Media

    Don't be surprised if the same media reports of Chinese actually increasing their number in the same area tomorrow. Their reporters and their reports are more often incorrect
  17. Vapnope

    Indian media falsely claims ex-Pak diplomat admits 300 killed in Balakot airstrike

    Modi bhakts are the dumbest yet most vile people. Imagine their desperation that in absence of any discreet official proof from India, they are resorting to doctored videos. Some modi Bhakts were jumping and howling here on PDF as well.

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