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  1. Adnan ash

    Featured Argentine Air Force is Considering JF-17 as it's Future Fighter

    Argentina will approach China directly as was the case of JF17s to Myanmar....
  2. Adnan ash

    Pakistan Army's VT-4 Main Battle Tank | Updates & Discussions

    VT-4 is the most advanced tank currently in the region. Against ATGMs it employs Soft kill active protection system (LWRs and smoke screens). However GL-5 hardkill APS is also available. don't know Pakistan army variants go with it or not.
  3. Adnan ash

    Featured Al-Khalid and 6TD-2 Engines: An Informative Article

    can anyone confirm from an authentic source about the engine of our VT-4 tanks......? 1300HP,1400HP or 1500HP
  4. Adnan ash

    From pk-15 , JF-17 Thunder and Al Khalid to fifth generation stealth fighter jet project Azm

    any person with a bit knowledge of aviation knows that which country possess expertise on fighter aircraft of delta-wing design with single-engine. a statement written on LCA page on wiki for ur reference " Project definition commenced in October 1987 with France's Dassault-Breguet Aviation as...
  5. Adnan ash

    Featured Keel laying ceremony of 3rd MILGEM class Corvette for Pakistan Navy held at Karachi Shipyard

    so KSEW has added another section between gun and bridge to accommodate VLS ... from that rendered image
  6. Adnan ash

    Featured Type 054A Frigates: How They Factor in for Pakistan Navy

    The best capability these ships have is fleet air defense rather than point defense. further, in current warfare numbers don't matter the most important parameter is having better situational awareness and network-centric capabilty.....
  7. Adnan ash

    From pk-15 , JF-17 Thunder and Al Khalid to fifth generation stealth fighter jet project Azm

    70% of Tejas is Indian View attachment 681328 70%.....! Engine is from US Radar: Israel Gun: Russia Ejection seat: UK refueling probe : UK Air frame: Dassault Aviation (Delta design) any country willing to induct Tejas first needs US approval as supply of GE404 is in their control. ( as case of...

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