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  1. uday

    Azerbaijan supports Pakistan on Kashmir

    stop trolling, don't bring other issues. it's about Azerbaijan supporting Pak. and discuss about supporting Pak on Kashmir!!!
  2. uday

    Azerbaijan supports Pakistan on Kashmir

    tomorrow Somalia supports Pakistan! :-)
  3. uday

    Commonwealth Games: Army and soldiers asked to work at no cost to save the games.

    these political bastards use money for this own purpose and now expect Army to help them??? that M.F***Ker in beard - who is the chairman of the games shamed our country's image...hang these guys in public!!!
  4. uday

    Winner of MRCA: time to place ur bets

    i have voted for EFT, but i boubt that F 18 might win due to political influence. Mr.Obama is visiting India some time in Nov and this might be the game changer!!!
  5. uday

    John Stein - The Bigot Dog

    when we can accept "Slumdog Millionaire", why can't this??? anyways, it's just an individual's openion not the whole of america...
  6. uday

    Will Europe Drag Down China, And Why We Like India

    HQ19HQ26, your avatar looks funny!!! ha ha ha ha ha.... who is that funny character???
  7. uday

    Fears grow that PLA may test 'carrier killer'

    Because we are... Take U.S.A, E.U, Canada, U.K, and on and on, we hold higher positions in major organizations and government offices!!!
  8. uday

    Shenyang J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft

    it's a reverse engineered piece! This itself says that!!! do you know the quality norms used by sukohi's to manufacture this fighter?
  9. uday

    Shenyang J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft

    But the QUALITY of the weapon matters!!!
  10. uday

    Shenyang J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft

    guys!!!! it's not about india buying F-35...we are talking about china's junk j-15 is been down played by Russia due to j-15 quality standards...
  11. uday

    First three Super Hercules airlifters get ready for India

    The first three of six C-130J Super Hercules airlifters purchased by India in a $1 billion deal with US have taken the final positions on Lockheed Martin's assembly line in Marietta, Georgia. Equipped with an infrared detection set (IDS), the aircraft for the first time will provide the IAF...
  12. uday

    Shenyang J-15 aircraft carrier-based aircraft

    Moscow, Russia: China's J-15 carrier-based fighter will not be able to compete with Russia's Su-33 fighter on global markets because it is inferior to the Russian aircraft, a Russian military analyst said on Friday. China since 2001 has been developing the J-15 naval fighter, which is...
  13. uday

    Sarkozy pressured over Pakistan arms deal allegations

    PARIS: French opposition lawmakers on Thursday called on President Nicolas Sarkozy to give all details of any links to suspected kickbacks on arms deals that were allegedly used to fund political campaigns. Three deputies spoke out after a police report alleged that a company set up with...
  14. uday

    HAL Tejas | Updates, News & Discussions

    Great, way to go LCA!!! good thing about LCA is it never crashed, unlike j10!!!
  15. uday

    North Korea-South Korea Tensions

    Will north and south korea go for war over sinking Cheonan??? guys, your analysis...
  16. uday

    College students stabbed in dorms in south China

    (Reuters) - Knife-wielding men stabbed nine college-age students at a vocational school in southern China, breaking into their dormitories after a dispute at a food stall hours earlier, local media said. World | China The attack came after a string of deadly assaults at kindergartens and...
  17. uday

    Council for Independent Balochistan formed (haha!!)

    congrats, Pakistan! this is just the beginning...
  18. uday

    Israel would inform, not ask US before hitting Iran

    Israel is capable of doing any thing...they won't care anybody... think of operation thunderbolt...
  19. uday

    Air Force One INDIA

    i agree with you dude...see the difference between Kalamji and her... she is dumb!
  20. uday

    RAW implanting New CIA’ Strategy - Lahore Strikes

    that's cool then!!! way to go india and RAW :lol: :lol: :rofl: :rofl:

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