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  1. EGalois

    China, Islam and Islamophobia

    I intend to write this thread to inform my Pakistani friends about Islam in China and Islamophobia in China. To further the relations between the two countries, I think it's important for Pakistanis to understand the role of Islam in Chinese culture, Chinese history and what modern Islam is like...
  2. EGalois

    Persian as a mandatory subject in schools?

    The Persian language is central to South Asia's Muslim heritage. Pakistan was built to be a nation-state of South Asian Muslims. So why is Persian not taught in Pakistani schools? It should be treated as a classical heritage language. One can not fully appreciate Urdu literature without studying...
  3. EGalois

    How many people in India really believe in the Akhand Bharat idea?

    To people outside of India, the Akhand Bharat sounds a crazy idea. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China will never agree to it. But it seems to be the idea of the founder of RSS, which is officially endorsed by the Modi government. How many people in India really believe in this...

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