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  1. manlion

    Dragon fruit renamed as Lotus fruit by Gujarat govt

    India's masterstroke against China. You take our land we take your dragon The name of dragon fruit associated with China and we have changed it," he added. Kamalam in Sanskrit means Lotus. Dragon Fruit that has become increasingly popular in recent years, is a tropical fruit with a unique look...
  2. manlion

    Pakistani Tamil wedding

  3. manlion

    India, Pakistan & Bangladesh should be MERGED, Indian minister suggests

    Former British colonies India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which have been entangled in decades of bitter rivalry, should actually be “merged” into a single state, a regional Indian minister has suggested. The surprise suggestion was floated by Maharashtra state Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik, the...
  4. manlion

    Costly competition: India playing into China’s hands

    Everything is going as China has wanted with its India strategy since April. The situation has been evolving as Beijing predicted. In other words, whatever China wants India to do, India does. Because of its opaque governance system, it is normally hard to predict China’s long-term strategy...
  5. manlion

    Pakistan changing tack along Line of Control: BSF

    Pakistan used high-calibre weapons on November 13 that left five soldiers dead, say officials In a change of tack along the Line of Control (LoC) in J&K, the Pakistan army used high-calibre weapons on November 13 that left five soldiers dead, top officials of the BSF and the Army said on...
  6. manlion

    Singapore celebrates Deepavali - Tamil festival of lights

    Greetings from Singapore's PM Lee Hsien Loong Lighted up Street decoration 8
  7. manlion

    Punjab pays a heavy price for opposing Modi's farm bill

    Tracks empty but Punjab farmers protest at stations, Railways insists safety a concern Modi govt has stopped freight trains to Punjab citing the protests but Punjab & its farmers say they are not on the tracks & that ‘rail blockade’ has led to shortage of essential items...
  8. manlion

    US election Tamilnadu vs Delhi : Prayers for Harris in ancestral village, for Trump in Delhi

    CHENNAI, India: Supporters of US vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris held prayers near her ancestral village in Tamilnadu ahead of Tuesday's (Nov 3) US election, while a Hindu fringe group sought divine blessings for her rival Donald Trump. The southern Indian region where Harris'...
  9. manlion

    Vel Yatra - BJP desperate plan to create communal riots in Tamilnadu

    The party is resorting to its tried and tested model of inciting religious tensions, with a yatra being planned from November 6. It will conclude on December 6, the day on which the Babri Masjid was demolished in 1992. Over the past few months in Tamil Nadu, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has...
  10. manlion

    BJP VS #BanManu: How 'MANU DHARMA' Stirred OUTRAGE in Tamilnadu?

    The hashtag #BanManu has been trending on Twitter as the tweeple across Tamil Nadu has been taking the social media site with the staunch demand of banning the Hindu laws Manudharma, which has now been centered with heated politics with leaders from both sides of the aisle coming against each...
  11. manlion

    India: Comparison of Nagalim with Sri Lanka Tamil Eelam Negotiations

    Muvia says Nagaland was never a part of British territory and India has no territorial claim over Nagaland, says will Not Join Indian Union, Constitution, its flag By Syed Ali Mujtaba, Copy Edited By Adam Rizvi, New Jersey, TIO: As a student of South Asia, I have watched the negotiations in...
  12. manlion

    Featured Nagas Will Never Join Indian Union Nor Accept India's Constitution': NSCN (I-M) Chief

    New Delhi: In an interview that is likely to upset and even annoy the government at the Centre and which starkly reveals the sharp differences that are still separating the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (Isak-Muivah) from the Indian government, the general secretary of the NSCN (I-M) has...
  13. manlion

    Accused of promoting 'love jihad', Tanishq pulls down controversial ad

    The renowned Jewellery brand has pulled down an advertisement from its Youtube page featuring a Hindu-Muslim marriage after receiving a severe backlash on social media platforms. The jewellery brand pulled down the advertisement because of the vicious trolling it was subjected to and is...
  14. manlion

    Tussle over basmati rice origin - India stealing basmati rice heritage from Pakistan

    On the boil: Pakistan, India tussle over basmati rice origin KARACHI: Pakistan on Monday said it would give a “befitting reply” to, and oppose, India’s move to geographically label basmati rice and grain as its own in the EU. Developing countries are increasingly using geographic labeling to...
  15. manlion

    Featured Bharat Bandh: India farmers block roads and trains to protest reforms

    Farmers in India have taken to the streets to protest reforms that they say are against their interests. Several farming and trade unions, and opposition parties have blocked motorways and railway tracks in different states. But much of the protest is concentrated in the states of Punjab and...
  16. manlion

    China belts out Punjabi numbers for Indian soldiers at Ladakh

    China belts out Punjabi numbers for Indian soldiers at Ladakh. It is a ‘62 trickIndia China border row: While the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is using psych ops against Indian troops, Beijing’s mouthpieces have scaled up rants against India...
  17. manlion

    Patriot card backfires on Ladakh BJP MP

    Ladakh BJP MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal’s attempt to play the patriotic card amid rising tension on the border and growing fear of demographic changes within has elicited angry reactions, reflecting how Ladakhis dread intrusions from mainland India as much as the Chinese incursions. Namgyal...

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