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  1. crankthatskunk

    Kaveh Moussavi's most important interview with Irfan Hashmi

    This interview is worth listening to. Moussavi in no uncertain terms levels it case against NAB for misleading Pakistani people. He admit that General Amjad Shoaib was honest, and until he remains the NAB Chairman, the things were running smoothly and NAB was co-operating. After him General...
  2. crankthatskunk

    India China LAC Tension : Ladakh : BBC Hindi

    BBC Hindi on Xi's new statement for PLA and PLAF to stay ready for conflict. Appointment of General Zhio. It seems Xi is on the nerves of Indian again. Good start of 2021 for Indians on LAC.
  3. crankthatskunk

    Kill 220 Pak Army Generals: Mufti Kifayat

    When you give criminals extended run, they started to feel that they are untouchables. This is what is happening in Pakistan at the moment, exactly. A man who called a justice to pervert course of justice is preparing to be next PM of Pakistan. A woman who submitted fake documents in SCP...
  4. crankthatskunk

    Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Ka Naam ECl Se Nikalne Ki Manzoori

    As I have mentioned in my OP regarding Muhammad Ali Durrani, the first signs/move of "reconciliation" and "Political dialouge" is delivered. Shahid Khaqan's name removed from ECL for a visit to the USA. The question is will he return back!! A long list of people who were allowed never to...
  5. crankthatskunk

    JUI Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri Big Press Conference

    Press Conference of JUI F leader. During the conference, Ghafoor issued threats to Pakistani army and also called General Bajwa by name , asking him to step aside and stop supporting PM IK's government , which doesn't have the majority. He says that the government would fall, if support is...
  6. crankthatskunk

    PML Functional Muhammad Ali Durrani Media Talks

    New Development in Pakistani politics yesterday. Durrani's press conference after meeting Shahbaz Sharif in the jail. After years of disappearance , a political nobody in today's political scenario all of a sudden appeared on the political stage. Why and who ordered him!! Is another NRO...
  7. crankthatskunk

    Russia committed to develop ties with Pakistan, India shouldn’t have any concerns

    Tides are turning for Pakistan. Yesterday Russians made a very interesting move. One of their diplomat in India spoke to inform India that Russia is strengthening its ties with Pakistan. There should be no cause for India to worry or in other word to agitate on growing relationship with...
  8. crankthatskunk

    Vajpayee, Sharif spoke over phone in the midst of Kargil War, says book

    Nistula Hebbar The former Prime Minister was of the view that Nawaz Sharif had been bamboozled by Pakistani army headed by General Pervez Musharraf into the conflict, says the new book on Vajpayee’s tenure at the helm of affairs in India Former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and former...
  9. crankthatskunk

    The Interview Maryam Twitted and then deleted

    There is political hue and cry in Pakistan on a twit by Maryam Nawaz giving a link to the interview by Noor Dahri to an Israeli news channel, stating that an adviser to PM IK travelled to Tel Aviv from London to have discussions with Israelis. Here is the twit from Dahri with his full interview...
  10. crankthatskunk

    Pakistani Jets flying over Indian Gujrat, Sir Creek Issue getting hype again

    Interesting news. PAF flying over Gujrat!! Or it is close to the border with India. This guy mentions the recent air exercise by PAF and PLAF. Apparent it got the Indians worried (read scared). This guy mentions two things, Pakistan actively looking towards "Run of Kutch" and want it to...
  11. crankthatskunk

    Pakistan toughens rape law after outcry over attacks

    Human right activists march during a protest against an alleged gang rape of a woman, in Lahore on September 12, 2020. Pakistan introduced a rape law on Tuesday that will create special courts to try cases within four months, after protests over the gang rape of a woman whose car ran out of...
  12. crankthatskunk

    Pakistan exposes India's fake website | FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi's media talk

    Qureshi's PC after yesterday's revelations about Indian's fake news factory and use of 5th Generation War against Pakistan. Use of UN NGOs' and other fake media to malign Pakistan in the UN and at EU levels.
  13. crankthatskunk

    China helps Pakistan Upset Military Balance against India

    Paravin Sawhney's new video on Pakistan's military, its strengths and the help it gets from China to emerge as one of the strongest armies in the world. He says that whatever the Indians have done in the past, it eventually helped Pakistanis.
  14. crankthatskunk

    Indian Air Force objecting to the Netflix Drama depiction of IAF

    The twit from verified IAF twitter account object to the uniform depicted in Netflix new production and the language used in the Drama Series. Bollywood is now adopted by Netflix, way to go. Anything for dosh, I suppose.
  15. crankthatskunk

    Former accountability judge Arshad Malik passes away due to coronavirus lGNN l04 Dec 2020

    the judge who passed sentence to Nawaz Sharif has died in the Hospital recovering from Corona Virus infection. It is a sad news, but I have sneaky feelings, this would be used for political expediency by the PMLN.
  16. crankthatskunk

    New Chinese Ammunition Bunkers Seen 7 Km From 2017 Doklam Face-Off Site

    The news and pictures of a newly built village by the Chinese close to or inside Bhutan territory (depending on whose point of view you accept). Now new revelation by the Indian media on the Chinese incursions and progress in Doklam/Bhutan disputed areas. Doklam: Earlier images of the same...
  17. crankthatskunk

    Israeli minister says Netanyahu met Saudi Crown Prince, but Riyadh denies it

    Well it seems the Saudis are getting cold feet after their contacts with Israel became public knowledge. Today Minister of Israel, who is closed to Bibi has admitted that the meeting between Bibi and MBS indeed took place. It seems the Saudis are geared up to have eggs on their faces. By...
  18. crankthatskunk

    Abbottabad Operation MUST Be Reinvestigated & Pakistani Accomplices Brought To Book

    This program should be watched in full for all interested. I have written here, continuously since 2011, there are many aspects of OBL operations which stinks from Pakistan's security point of view. Sadly, Pakistan is a country where there is no responsibility and accountability. Lack of...
  19. crankthatskunk

    Sino-India Border Clashes, Implications for the South Asian Strategic Environment

    A very important discussion on the India-China clashes and strategic environment in South Asia. Pakistani, Indian and Chinese participants also Kugleman an independent from USA in the discussion too. I am glad, now Pakistanis also started to hold such discussion.
  20. crankthatskunk

    Shahbaz Sharif ordered IG to kill people in Police Encounters: Arif Hameed Bhatti

    Yesterday Shahbaz Sharif has said that he is victim of political vendetta, he is completely innocent. Despite stake of evidence against him and his family members for money laundering, including his wives, daughters, sons etc. We have also heard him ordering Justice Qayyum to decide cases...

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