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  1. skybolt

    IAF could junk HAL HJT-36 Sitara for rookie fighter pilots

    Indian Air Force could junk transitional training for rookie fighter pilots The Indian Air Force may be forced to junk its transitional training for rookie fighter pilots because of Hindustan Aeronautics' continuing failure to deliver its Sitara intermediate jet trainer (IJT), which was first...
  2. skybolt

    IDEAS 2014 - 8th International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (1 - 4 Dec 2014)

    IDEAS 2014 IDEAS, a biennially held defence exhibition, will once again bring together all the industry's players across the globe to showcase the latest technological innovations. The IDEAS-2014 team will welcome you at Karachi Expo Centre for the 8th International Defence Exhibition and...
  3. skybolt

    Hongdu JL-8 [K-8 Karakorum]

    The Hongdu JL-8 (or Nanchang JL-8) is a two-seat intermediate jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed in the People's Republic of China by China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The primary contractor for this plane is the Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation. One of its...
  4. skybolt

    Honda Civic 2012

    When the all-new Civic arrives this spring, it will continue to be a standout in the compact segment, with all the value, reliability, sporty performance and efficiency you’ve come to expect from this iconic vehicle. The 2012 Civic will offer an unparalleled level of variety, with standard coupe...
  5. skybolt

    Saluting the Quaid

    December 25, 2010 Cadets perform a ceremonial drill at the mausoleum of country founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in Karachi on December 25, 2010. Special ceremonies were held at the mausoleum in this port city and other parts of the country to celebrate the 134th birth anniversary of...
  6. skybolt

    Fisrt VVIP Escort of JF 17 for chines prime mister

    Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao (C) inspects a guard of honour during a welcoming ceremony at the Pakistani military Chaklala airbase in Rawalpindi on December 17, 2010. PHOTO: AFP :pakistan::china::pakistan::china::pakistan:
  7. skybolt

    F-16 Fighting Falcon: Revolutionary Advancements, Global Outlook

    NOTE: Presentation is old one [2001] but the Info is Good One Script for F-16 briefing to media at Paris Air Show 2001 June 20, 2001 Title: F-16 Fighting Falcon: Revolutionary Advancements, Global Outlook Main message: F-16 is a vibrant program Presented by: Donald W. Jones, VP of...
  8. skybolt

    PAF has choose Turkish ‘TAI’ for the MLU of F-16A/B

    . Turkey to upgrade PAF F-16s . Maqbool Malik | Published: December 11, 2010 . ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Air Force (PAF) has opted for Turkish Aerospace Industrial Complex ‘TAI’ for the Mid Life Upgrade (MLU) of its F-16A/B aircraft fleet in a bid to enhance its operational capability...
  9. skybolt

    PAF to receive 6 F-16s Block 52+ on 13 Dec 2010

    Hay Guys... Congrats!!! Just watched news About last 6 F-16 from US will join PAF on 13th Dec 2010 :pakistan: :pakistan: :pakistan: :pakistan: After these 6 F-16s PAF will be equipped with 18 F-16s Block 52+ ISLAMABAD:Six more F16 jets will reach Pakistan on Dec 13 bringing the total...
  10. skybolt

    Rivers & Barrages Of Pakistan

    Rivers & Barrages Of Pakistan After these massive flooding in Pakistan i was so surprised that very few people know about the rivers & barrages of Pakistan.. I am Starting this post which will cover complete details about the waters of the Pakistan. Also need your help if i miss some thing on...
  11. skybolt

    Chinese Friend sings Pakistan National Anthem

    :pakistan::china: chinese girl sings pakistan national anthem
  12. skybolt

    Rare Video: Pakistan Army Aviation Cobra Helicopters Formation Flying

    Three cobra helicopters flying formation on 23rd March Pakistan Day Parade Pakistan Army Aviation Cobra Helicopters Formation Flying
  13. skybolt

    Images: Floods ravage Pakistan

    U.S. Army and Pakistani soldiers sit on the cargo bay ramp of a CH-47 heavy-lift helicopter while flying over a flooded area in the Swat Valley on Tuesday, Aug. 10. The United States sent four Chinooks and two Blackhawks to Pakistan and as of Tuesday, delivered 211,000 pounds of supplies and...
  14. skybolt

    Helicopter flying without main rotor rotation

    What the Hell is this..... whatever this is but this is some thing Awesome...
  15. skybolt

    Russia to deliver 21 transport helicopters to Afghanistan

    Russia will supply Afghanistan with 21 Mi-17 Hip military transport helicopters, an Afghan television channel reported on Monday. According to Tolo television, the contract is worth $300 million and was concluded with the approval of the с command in Afghanistan. Russian envoy to NATO...
  16. skybolt

    South Korea’s Air Force to upgrade F-5 ejection seats

    29 July 2010 South Korea’s Air Force will push ahead with equipping its fleet of F-5 aircraft with up-to-date ejection seats to help save the lives of pilots in cases of emergency, the service announced Thursday. The plan comes after a month-long investigation into the cause of an F-5F...
  17. skybolt

    Pak navy to expand ties with China

    Beijing—Pakistan’s navy is very satisfied with the performance of the F-22P frigate it bought from China and hopes to further the cooperation with the nation, said Admiral Noman Bashir, Pakistan’s Chief of Naval Staff. Two of the four F-22P frigates it ordered are already in service in...
  18. skybolt

    F-16 Gets A Drogue-Probe

    F-16's Drogue-Probe Style Air Refueling System: It's remarkable that the Lockheed Martin F-16, despite being exported worldwide for 35 years, can't be refueled except by the handful of air forces that fly boom-equipped tankers. Cobham's Sargent-Fletcher division demonstrated a modified 370 gal...
  19. skybolt

    Images: PAF Air to Air refueling capacity

    Pakistani air force has procured four Ilyushin Il-78P Midas Air-to-Air Refueler aircraft from Ukraine.Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) are fitted with a three-point drogue refueling system and the internal fuel tanks

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