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  1. salahuldin786

    Israeli attack will prompt Pakistani response'

    difference of ROME and ROM ,Byzantine Empire and Muslim alliance with Russia by Sheikh Imran - YouTube
  2. salahuldin786

    Gaddafi is dead

    Colonel Gaddafi owns Saudi King Abdullah! - YouTube ---------- Post added at 11:16 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:14 AM ---------- Libyan Colonel Gadaffi exposes hypocryte arab rulers (including himself) - YouTube
  3. salahuldin786

    99.99% of the world is wajib-ul-qatal for insulting the Prophet

    have you heard of the story of muhammed bin qasim who invaded sindh because the raja of sindh captured and jailed a muslim lady who never wanted to be the raja sex slave.
  4. salahuldin786

    Naat Collection

  5. salahuldin786

    Threat to Syria

    only wahabis attack other muslims and call them mushriks....and your country of origin with the help of the british are wahabi.
  6. salahuldin786


    Sadaq-e-Fitr is for the poor and not for the masjid or its mullah. sadaq e fitr is only 4 pound per head in u.k. what about zakat, you have to pay 2.5% of your wealth in gold,silver,money you loaned out,money in the bank and land. all for the poor and not mullah's.
  7. salahuldin786

    Sialkot Murders

    Accused of being robbers by brute public..poor kids thier bodies were treated with no respect battered,hanged,throw of a back of a lorry landing on their heads last two were done whilst they were dead. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. what a shame
  8. salahuldin786

    Soon Beer from Pakistan will be available in India

    all cleared up for those muslims who drink beer,sell it,give it.
  9. salahuldin786

    Soon Beer from Pakistan will be available in India

    smoking is makrooh in islam and not haraam but you wouldnt know the difference would you.
  10. salahuldin786

    British-Pakistani lost generations

    no they were called aston panthers...many all mirpurs.
  11. salahuldin786

    British-Pakistani lost generations

    Mirpuri Brands Mumtaz (IMG:http://www.dkimages.com/discover/previews/1502/11539889.JPG) (IMG:http://snackspot.org.uk/images/mumtazLassi.jpg) Akbars (IMG:http://farm1.static.flickr.com/186/433193018_cae4d61f59_b.jpg)...
  12. salahuldin786

    British-Pakistani lost generations

    Notable People of New Mirpur * Barrister Sultan Mahmood Ch.(Ex.Prime Minister Of AJK) * Barrister Qurban Ali (Supreme Head Of Peoples National Party) * Lord Nazir Ahmed (Member of House of Lords) * Raja Zafar Maroof (Administrator District Council) * Raja Shabbir Ahmed Khan (Ex Public...

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