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  1. Nahraf

    Muslims in Nepal demand a Hindu state

    These Nepali Muslims know where the wind is blowing so they want to change their stand. Nonetheless secular Nepal is better option but the aggressive Christian missionaries are making it harder for Nepal to remain secular. Then non-Muslims in Pakistan are also more secure in officially Islamic...
  2. Nahraf

    Pakistani Paper doesn't want Ahmadis to celebrate 14th August Pakistan Independence Day

    If Mirza Qadiani Kazzab is believed to be a latter-day prophet by its followers then create a new religion why use Muslim symbols ? Christian broke away from Judaism and Islam was created as a new religion. None of these new religion tried to hijack another religion and declared its followers as...
  3. Nahraf

    Damning report on the F-35’s dogfighting problems

    Here are the most damning parts of the report on the F-35’s dogfighting problems | National Post Here are the most damning parts of the report on the F-35’s dogfighting problems Jeremy Bender, Business Insider | July 3, 2015 8:46 AM ET More from Business Insider AP Photo / Northrop Grumman...
  4. Nahraf

    Israel's deceptive diplomatic success

    From boycotts to diplomatic crises: The effects of the Gaza war Israel's deceptive diplomatic success The underlying tensions between Washington and Jerusalem quickly came to the fore last summer, after Israel rejected a cease-fire proposal that Secretary of State John Kerry had...
  5. Nahraf

    Greece Set To Default On €1.5bn Repayment

    India is doing well economically compared to other countries in the region but in 1.4 billion people there are thousands who would like to migrate to Europe or North America.There are always people from other countries who wants to settle in European Union. Many in Pakistan, India, Iran and...
  6. Nahraf

    Zaid Hamid Detained by Saudi Intelligence

    Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid has been strategist analyst with religious bent. First called himself Zaid Zaman was influenced by Yusuf Kazzab. That lost him all credibility when Yusuf Kazzab was arrested for blasphemy. Then he started calling himself Zaid Hamid to distinguish his new approach. He lost...
  7. Nahraf

    Tbilisi Zoo animals escape after floods: Lions, tigers, jaguar, wolves,, bears roam the streets

    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/18/world/europe/escaped-tiger-tbilisi-georgia-flooding.html?_r=0 Europe Escaped Tiger in Tbilisi Killed Man Before Being Caught and Put Down By DAN BILEFSKYJUNE 17, 2015 Photo A tiger that escaped from its enclosure during flooding was put down by the police...
  8. Nahraf

    Why this has been the worst year for American Muslims since 9/11

    Why this has been the worst year for American Muslims since 9/11 - The Washington Post Acts of Faith Why this has been the worst year for American Muslims since 9/11 By Linda Sarsour June 17 at 9:11 AM Anti-Islam protesters carrying American flags face off with supporters of an Islamic...
  9. Nahraf

    Pakistan Army Chief Visits Russia

    Its a brave new world with the old military axis disappearing and new military ties being formed with the members of former opposing alliances.
  10. Nahraf

    DNA Deciphers Roots of Modern Europeans

    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/16/science/dna-deciphers-roots-of-modern-europeans.html?rref=world/europe Science DNA Deciphers Roots of Modern Europeans JUNE 10, 2015 Photo A male skeleton associated with the Yamnaya culture near Samara, Russia. Credit Pavel Kuznetsov Carl Zimmer For...
  11. Nahraf

    Use of word Allah during yoga insulting to Hindus; shoot those raising Pak flags : Togadia

    Yoga is used by many people as form of meditation and not religious service. The Yoga centers in North America and Europe should post a sign as propagated by the Hinduvta and the attendance will drop by 90%.
  12. Nahraf

    1947 Migration to Pakistan

    My grandparents recounted how the empty blood soaked trains arrived in Pakistan. The trains were stopped in en route in Indian Punjab and all passengers were massacred. When you hear these eye witness accounts since childhood you wonder how human can became savages. Now in our own lifetime the...
  13. Nahraf

    Young Muslims add glam to their hijabs

    You can only admire Bipolar thinking of some people.
  14. Nahraf

    6 trillion barrels oil in Baluchistan?

    The myth was probably born after 1973 oil crisis when the oil prices quadrupled and neighboring Iran and Persian Gulf states became oil rich. Many Pakistanis without any understanding of geography and geology rationalized that since Balochistan bordered Iran and was close to Persian Gulf it...
  15. Nahraf

    india breeds 9 yr old terrorists- so ashamed!

    There has been no anti-Hindu pogram in Pakistan since independence while you hear anti-Muslim pograms in India nearly every year. The Gujarat genocide will remain hallmark of barbarian Hindutva ideology.
  16. Nahraf

    Young Muslims add glam to their hijabs

    It is a Muslim dress not "Arbi" dress. Smart and fashion conscious Islamic dress is acceptable. I have seen many Pakistani and Indian girls also wearing skirts in Canada. Most Christian Arab girls dress like Canadian girls while most Muslim Arab girls in Canada have Hijab. Probably you are...
  17. Nahraf

    Canadian activists raise $100K for Gaza blockade run

    Activists raise $100K for Gaza blockade run Activists raise $100K for Gaza blockade run Ehab Lotayef, spokesman for the Canadian Boat to Gaza group, marches in a demonstration in Montreal in 2008 in support of Palestinians. John Mahoney, Postmedia News Files Ehab Lotayef, spokesman for the...
  18. Nahraf

    Armenia's irredentist plan for Georgia

    Newly independent Azerbaijan is in process of creating its new history, heroes and myths. They deny their historical links to Iran and try to claim Iranian Azerbaijan. I have heard many Iranian complain about Iranian Azeris ruling/dominating Iran while Azerbaijanis claim that Iranian Azeris are...
  19. Nahraf

    Young Muslims add glam to their hijabs

    Young Muslims add glam to their hijabs - The Globe and Mail Young Muslims add glam to their hijabs Dakshana Bascaramurty From Saturday's Globe and Mail Published Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010 12:01AM EDT Last updated Monday, Oct. 25, 2010 4:12PM EDT In her tidy Toronto condo, Sadiyya Ali...
  20. Nahraf

    6 trillion barrels oil in Baluchistan?

    I have been hearing the same stories since school days in Karachi. This myth does not have any basis in reality. No oil has been found in Balochistan region of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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