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  1. Imad.Khan

    Featured India: Stop Using Pellet-Firing Shotguns in Kashmir

    SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 India: Stop Using Pellet-Firing Shotguns in Kashmir Use Against Religious Procession Caused Serious Injuries Published in An Indian police officer aims a shotgun at Kashmiri protesters throwing stones, in Srinagar, India, May 8, 2018.© 2018 AP Photo/Mukhtar Khan (New York) –...
  2. Imad.Khan

    Featured Opposition-ruled Senate rejects two FATF bills

    DAWN.COM TODAY'S PAPER | AUGUST 26, 2020 Opposition-ruled Senate rejects two FATF bills Iftikhar A. KhanUpdated 26 Aug 2020 Not surprisingly, the opposition’s attitude drew an immediate, strong reaction from Prime Minister Imran Khan who issued a series of tweets to attack the opposition...
  3. Imad.Khan

    NAB report on IPPs in Pakistan disclose by Imran Khan Riaz

    NAB report on IPPs in Pakistan disclose in detail by senior journalist Imran Khan.
  4. Imad.Khan

    (Another Fake News by Hindustan).Sindhi Soldiers Refuse to Fight for Pakistan Army

    Skip to content SINDH Sindhi Soldiers Refuse to Fight for Pakistan Army BySouthAsia Team JUN 25, 2020 Desert, Pakistan Army, Sindh, Sindhudesh Sindhi Soldiers Refuse to Fight for Pakistan against India. With heightening tensions with India and with an assertion of Sindhi rights inside...
  5. Imad.Khan

    My colleague's experience of Lahore

    So one of my colleague just came back from Pakistan, only spent 4 days and the whole time was in Lahore. She was part of a group of 10 people that were invited by her boyfriend's Pakistani friend to attend his wedding. Most of her experience has been negative, and she has ruined all my efforts...
  6. Imad.Khan

    sar-e-aam affect on me

    So lately i watched a few sar-e-aam episodes and i am feeling really dejected and angry. I am fast losing faith in my countrymen and my hopes of a progressive and prosperous Pakistan are being dashed. I seriously can't believe that people can be so greedy and the blatant lies that come out of...
  7. Imad.Khan

    The Kashmir crisis in number

  8. Imad.Khan

    Pakistan - Is it really a democracy?

    Pakistan is a Democratic country, well that's what people tell me. But i am not really convinced that it is. Sure we have an elected Prime Minster, elected Chief Minister in each province, we also have the legislative assemblies to house the elected members, we even go through a whole election...
  9. Imad.Khan

    Multiple stabbings as knifeman terrorises Sydney CBD

    This just happened on the street where i work Multiple stabbings as knifeman terrorises Sydney CBD A major police operation is under way in the Sydney CBD, with reports multiple people have been stabbed. news.com.auAUGUST 13, 20193:04PM Video Image Loaded: 100.00% Current Time 0:27 /...
  10. Imad.Khan

    Kashmir: Fault Lines in the Valley | Off The Grid | Documentary

    Off the Grid goes to India-occupied Kashmir where daily humiliation by Indian forces seems to be pushing more and more people towards militancy. The episode features an interview with the father of the Pulwama suicide bomber, testimonies of pellet-gun victims (Including an 18 month old girl)...
  11. Imad.Khan

    A video worth watching of JF-17

    Found this video and i really loved it, so decided to share here for everyone else to enjoy
  12. Imad.Khan

    Most sensible Indian

    Something to think about, as i have been saying for such a long time, solve the Kashmir issue and see how much both Pakistan and India will benefit. Its just mindbogglingly the amount we spend on arms import.
  13. Imad.Khan

    Shahbaz Sharif undeclared properties in London

    And look what his son had claimed #ChoorPMLN
  14. Imad.Khan

    Another fraud by Sharifs

  15. Imad.Khan

    Solution to the slums problem

    So i came across this article from The Nation. https://nation.com.pk/18-Aug-2016/the-regularization-of-katchi-abaadis-pakistan-s-need-of-the-hour Couple the above article with the governments anti-encroachment drive, i started thinking what would be a good solution. What can be done, so that...
  16. Imad.Khan

    Imran Khan vs Nawaz Sharif in China

    Can't believe people call Nawaz a leader, he can't even talk properly
  17. Imad.Khan

    Another great reply by SMQ

  18. Imad.Khan

    Historic day for Pakistan

    Today is the day we will finally get to see this
  19. Imad.Khan

    Naya Pakistan.......Funny video

    @PakSword @Iqbal Ali @Farah Sohail @Zarvan @Zibago @Arsalan @BHarwana @ziaulislam @Salza @The Accountant @RealNapster @Realistic Change @BetterPakistan @HAIDER @war&peace @Ali Tariq @LoveIcon @litman @Clutch @maximuswarrior @AZADPAKISTAN2009 @Max @Kakaspai @IceCold @shahbaz baig @Shane...
  20. Imad.Khan

    PMLN goon caught trying to steal Ballot papers

    11 گھنٹے پہلے شانگلہ: پوسٹل بیلٹ چرانے کے الزام میں (ن) لیگ کے کارکنان سمیت 3 افراد گرفتار سمیر سلیم شانگلہ پولیس نے پوسٹل بیلٹ چرانے کے الزام میں مسلم لیگ (ن) کے کارکنان سمیت 3 افراد کو گرفتار کرلیا۔ — فوٹو: عمر باچا ایڈیشنل ایس ایچ او صادق خان نے بتایا کہ انہیں اَلپوری پوسٹ آفس سے پوسٹل...

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