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  1. sohail.ishaque

    Crypto Traders be Careful from a group of Fraudulent buyers of BTC

    Hi, There is a group of people that are doing a fraud that i have experienced in the last week. I thought that the community should know. So here is how they work. They'll(A) get in contact with you through a few trades, from trading p2p platform and after that they'll say that their...
  2. sohail.ishaque

    Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury II

    https://www.newsweek.com/deontay-wilder-tyson-fury-rematch-date-time-live-stream-odds-1487821 The battle of the Titans is about to take place fellas.. I have been waiting for it for a while now.... Few more hours to go. 9:00 am Pakistan time.
  3. sohail.ishaque

    Snipers ? How effective can they be behind enemy lines ?

    Just a thought that came to mind. Isn't it possible that Pakistan provide sniper rifles to Kashmiris and hunt the indian dogs down ? why can't we do that. Forget about the world, They only stand with the strong. 27th Feb is the latest example. I am no expert but that was just an idea that came...
  4. sohail.ishaque

    Naveed Pathen brutally killed by Hindu Mob

    Extreme Graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised
  5. sohail.ishaque

    Iranian Scientist invent a method to fuel the Car from Water (WaterCar V2.0)

    Lets chill and enjoy the newly invented car fueled by water,. This time by our x-brothers Iran :D
  6. sohail.ishaque

    Watch this poor Guy,. Being beaten by Wadera

    Veiwer discretion is advised. May God bless Pakistan and bring Justice to our System,. Btw we as a society deserve this,. We ourselves can't let justice prevail.
  7. sohail.ishaque

    lost 25lacs of Pak ruppes to a Fraud

    Hi Friends. (i don't know which thread i shud b posting this. Mods plz adjust it to the proper, i was unable to locate one) I have lost 25lacs of Pak rupees to a Faradiya. Almost commited suicide because of that but then my 2 young daughters would have suffered the butchery of this world...
  8. sohail.ishaque

    What Actually happend on 2nd May(OBL) raid....

    I dont know the authenticity of this article but looking at the events, it seems a very true... CLASSIFIED: Why we’ll never see dead Osama bin Laden | Veterans Today What really happened? By Raqib Shah We need to look at the facts, use common sense and everything becomes crystal clear...
  9. sohail.ishaque

    Up to 70 injured in attack near Afghan NATO base

    Up to 70 injured in attack near Afghan NATO base - FOCUS Information Agency 02 December 2011 | 09:13 | FOCUS News Agency Home / World Kabul. A powerful suicide truck bomb exploded near the entrance to a NATO base on Friday, injuring as many as 70 people, mainly civilians, south of the...
  10. sohail.ishaque

    Economic Power.. Pakistan.

    Economic Power Of Paksitan & It's Defender 2011.. - YouTube
  11. sohail.ishaque

    Pakistan shows door to another 200 US contractors

    Dunya News: Pakistan:-Pakistan shows door to another 200 US contractors Pakistan shows door to another 200 US contractors Last Updated On 23 August,2011 About 46 minutes ago Pakistan has asked over 200 US officials to leave the country within 40 days. Sources said the government of...

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