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  1. F-22Raptor

    Second B-21 Under Construction as Bomber Moves Toward First Flight

    Production of a second B-21 stealth bomber is underway at Northrop Grumman’s facility in Palmdale, Calif., while the first Raider is expected to roll out in early 2022 and fly in the middle of that year, according to Randall Walden, director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office. The Air...
  2. F-22Raptor

    Tesla China Sold Almost 24,000 Giga Shanghai Made Model 3 in December, An 11%+ Share of the Country’s NEV Sales

    Tesla set a new record in December, registering nearly 24,000 vehicles and accounting for over 11% of all retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles in December. Tesla sold 23,804 Model 3 vehicles in China in December, according to figures released by the China Passenger Car Association...
  3. F-22Raptor

    US Navy takes up project to arm Zumwalt with hypersonic strike; eyes next-generation vertical launch system

    The Navy is advancing plans for integrating a long-range hypersonic strike weapon into the DDG-1000 Zumwalt-class destroyer fleet and, as part of the effort, is also eyeing a next-generation vertical launch system -- able to accommodate larger missiles than the currently fielded Mk41 -- for its...
  4. F-22Raptor

    Taiwan says relations with U.S. elevated to global partnership

    TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said on Monday that relations with the United States have been elevated to a global partnership, describing the U.S. lifting of restrictions on interactions between officials from both sides as a “big thing”. Speaking to reporters, Wu said...
  5. F-22Raptor

    Nio Day was a disappointment

    Kevin is spot on. Now I’m even more bullish on Tesla. While Nio is twiddling its thumbs into 2023, Tesla will be setting record after record. Tesla will dominate China.
  6. F-22Raptor

    China fumes, accuses US of 'crazy provocation' after Amb. Craft announces Taiwan visit

    The Chinese communist government on Friday released a furious statement condemning the planned visit by U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft to Taiwan -- accusing the U.S. of a "crazy provocation" and warning that it will pay a "heavy price" for the visit. "The United States will not succeed in its...
  7. F-22Raptor

    Tesla market value crosses $800 billion for the first time

    (Reuters) - Shares of Tesla Inc jumped 4.9% on Friday, taking the electric-car maker’s market capitalization to more than $800 billion for the first time ever. In the previous session, its market value crossed $774 billion, making Tesla Wall Street’s fifth most valuable company, just behind...
  8. F-22Raptor

    Tesla to produce $25K car as early as 2022 in Gigafactory Shanghai

    An eco-assessment report for Gigafactory Shanghai recently provided a teaser about a third Tesla that will be produced at the China-based electric car factory. The documents hint that Tesla is looking to produce a new car at Giga Shanghai as early as 2022, and it will be priced between...
  9. F-22Raptor

    US stock market reaches record highs

    Political unrest in Washington didn’t dent the stock market’s ongoing rally Thursday, with U.S. stocks climbing toward fresh records. Financial and technology stocks led Thursday’s gains, pushing the S&P 500 up 1.5% and putting the broad index on pace to close at its first record of 2021. The...
  10. F-22Raptor

    US Air Force to move forward on large scale hypersonic multi mission platforms

    Aerojet Rocketdyne and Northrop Grumman have demonstrated large scale scramjet technologies by testing engines with thrust levels exceeding 5,897 kg as part of the US Air Force’s (USAF’s) Medium Scale Critical Components (MSCC) test programme. USAF spokesman Bryan Ripple said on 29 December...
  11. F-22Raptor

    Huawei expected to drop to seventh globally in smartphone production amid US sanctions

    Huawei Technologies Co. is predicted to fall from its current position as the third-largest smartphone maker to seventh place in 2021 amid US sanctions, even as the industry expects to produce more handsets this year, according to research company TrendForce...
  12. F-22Raptor

    Tesla 2021 predictions

  13. F-22Raptor

    Starship SN10 fully stacked

  14. F-22Raptor

    Massive crowd at Tesla showroom in China

    Tesla is the new Apple. This is their decade.
  15. F-22Raptor

    Tesla Model Y demand in China causes website slowdown, 100K orders within 10 hours

    Tesla made a big splash on the first day of 2021 announcing deliveries of the made-in-China (MIC) Model Y will begin this month. Along with that announcement, Tesla also revealed it will be priced cheaper than in North America, and come with more features like a new interior design, heated...

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