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  1. forcetrip

    Interview of RAW proxies caught in Gilgit-Baltistan to destabilise Pakistan

    Absolutely. This is why proper investigators are needed before putting these people in front of cameras. That is also part of training spies. The Indians did their job while we threw them in front of cameras.
  2. forcetrip

    The Nano-Diamond Battery That Lasts For 28,000 Years

    After battery day. If you have 20 mins you can follow how US is declaring to produce home grown batteries leaving dependance on China soon.
  3. forcetrip

    China lining up antitrust probe into Google at Huawei’s request

    No such device is going to be produced till hell freezes over. Be it US or China or Timbuktu. If anyone makes software for the masses and that too for free; the cost is pretty straighforward.
  4. forcetrip

    Featured KARACHI: The body of former Corps Commander Karachi was recovered from a vehicle in Do Darya

    Anyone know how far he was from his house or what his destination being on that road? Being that age he left us operating a vehicle. Pray for an end as simple and active like this. I hope his daughter is taken care of. Thank you for your service and may the ultimate gates open for you far and wide.
  5. forcetrip

    The Nano-Diamond Battery That Lasts For 28,000 Years

    Nothing I have seen is pointing towards that. But obviously the objective is to build a movable container. In our lifetime we will be getting better and cheaper batteries.
  6. forcetrip

    Sunni coalition to demand arrest of Shia clerics in Pakistan

    Aadha Sach bara khatarnak hota hai. The subcontinent thrieves on making stories. Thats how they earn.
  7. forcetrip

    Sunni coalition to demand arrest of Shia clerics in Pakistan

    It should be banned as it has no basis in the muslim religion. The Shia themselves dont do this retarded act. Its a sub continent illiterate culture that brings about these insane customs. Just like dancing in Mehndis and spending lavishly on weddings among thousands of things that you and me do...
  8. forcetrip

    Pakistani soldier killed in Indian firing along LoC: Pakistan army

  9. forcetrip

    The Nano-Diamond Battery That Lasts For 28,000 Years

    Anything in the lab needs some common sense of use and scaling. What will you do with a phone whose battery lasts for 28000 years? Will you use that phone for the rest of your life? Same goes for cars and other electronics. The batteries will outlast the product by 27990 years. Anyway. Tesla...
  10. forcetrip

    The Nano-Diamond Battery That Lasts For 28,000 Years

    Just wait for Elon's Battery day surprise.
  11. forcetrip

    The Nano-Diamond Battery That Lasts For 28,000 Years

    After graphite batteries, this is one of the most interesting coming up. Still 10 years away which is sooner than we expect.
  12. forcetrip

    IndiaBurning-"I'm being kind to muslims for not letting them come to india"

    Just a reminder. Mujhey buhut khushi hai kay "agar" aap kay halat bahtar hojain.
  13. forcetrip

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    @WebMaster Could we get click to expand instead of mouse over expand for user info? Also Flags next to the name would be great too.
  14. forcetrip

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    I apologize if my statement put you in shock. Also Im not in site management. Just a poster like yourself with very little knowledge of the inner workings of what is available to the site. My assumption was on big companies having teams paid to do this. I think my assumption was pretty correct...
  15. forcetrip

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    Large coorporations have large teams. Here we use the use and abuse policy to get it just right after pulling a few hairs in a few weeks. Best way is what some folks have been doing. Paste problems and watch the fixes happen. Its easier and quicker that way.
  16. forcetrip

    Forum Update 2020|Feedback and Discussion

    It usually takes a few weeks to a month for the raging and threatning to stop after getting a new layout. Remember you guys shouting at the old layout? Relax and keep seeing things get tweaked back into place.
  17. forcetrip

    PM: Khaleda, her son behind Aug 21 attack

    I see that bookshelf and my ADHD is kicking all over the place. How can you live like this?
  18. forcetrip

    Rain again in karachi

    If anyone can argue that this is not the fault of our ancestors then they will be 100% wrong. Cities are not built in 10, 20, 30 years that hold 20 million people. When my house was being built in 1957 the selling point was that it was on top of a hill. Find out what your elders did when they...
  19. forcetrip

    Kushner: Peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia inevitable

    Getting spyware from Israel would be tantamount to just opening gmail on your workstation and clicking to get all the millions from Nigerian princes.
  20. forcetrip

    The killing of Hayat Baloch - FC

    Highlighting injustice is something we all need to do more of however bitter it must be. Have to be different then the ones we accuse. I thank Ms Mazari for bringing this to our attention. Hopefully justice will prevail and whoever was involved will pay appropriately.

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