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  1. lastofthepatriots

    Hi Speed Infinity 150 bike

    Anyone in Pakistan got one? is it worth buying or a piece of shit? I mean it looks nice but I think it’s a chinese bike. How’s the performance and is it good for city and occasional trips to the PIND?
  2. lastofthepatriots

    Saudi Arabia resumes flights for 25 countries excluding Pakistan

    Yeh arbi humari aurton se zyada nakhrey karte he. Thoughts?
  3. lastofthepatriots

    Need help with tracking someone

    Currently in Pakistan and need to find where this guy is hiding out who owes me money. Police say they need location and will pick him up. Problem is that he is hiding out and I’m not sure if he’s even in the city(Bahawalpur). I have the guys number and it’s a jazz carrier. This guy has stolen a...
  4. lastofthepatriots

    Sensationalism has made Pakistanis irrational regarding COVID 19 epidemic

    I’m currently in bwp and everyone is wearing masks and hoarding shit they don’t need. Also hoarding hydroxychloroquine meds from all pharmacies ensuring anyone that actually needs them will not have access to them. Also just saw my neighbor. Said salaam and tried shaking his hand. Guy refused...
  5. lastofthepatriots

    So I got married in February

    here are some mixed pics from mehndi, valeema, nikkah.
  6. lastofthepatriots

    How many Pakistani members on this website respect Ahmadis?

    I've noticed a lot of the liberal Pakistanis on this website showing love for Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus that are Pakistani. Do you guys share the same love for Ahmadis? I personally don't consider Ahmadis as Muslim and have a certain disdain for them since they understand the basics of...
  7. lastofthepatriots

    LOL Iranians play Kabaddi now?

    I'm surprised. It seemed like they enjoyed themselves. @LoveIcon
  8. lastofthepatriots

    I'm Leaving this Forum Forever

    I regret to inform you all that I am leaving this forum forever. Lately, I just cannot stand all the whining and crying and all the goodbye threads by disgruntled forum members. This is a defence forum, not a social media platform and when the most viewed threads on New sub section are about...
  9. lastofthepatriots

    Interesting Youtube Video of Secular India

    This came in my suggested videos to watch on youtube. Interesting to see secular India which all the slumdogs praise on this forum everyday.
  10. lastofthepatriots

    I watched Indian Media Interview with Sidhu

    As a punjabi from a rural background, I only understood 70% of what was being said. Urdu and Punjabi parts made sense. The paraptush and ant-swagah patri crap made no sense to me. I had no idea what they were talking about for the most part. LOL @LoveIcon @Ghareeb_Da_Baal @Imran Khan @Kabira
  11. lastofthepatriots

    Quick Question for Pakistani Meat Eaters

    Do you guys chew the bones after eating gosht or am I just an animal? My favorite part of eating bakra or cow is hadi and nulli(bone marrow). Just wanted to know If Pakistani youth today are still the same from the 90's, or If the burger influence has changed them dramatically. @Maarkhoor...
  12. lastofthepatriots

    Engaland de Pakistani

    Came across a clip on YouTube of Pakistanis in England. LMAO...LANATI Big ups to UK for these kind of Pakistanis. I almost pissed my pants after seeing this shit. This is the kind of shit that @Indus Pakistan and other UK Pakistanis are proud of. :lol: I'm just thinking, if my grandfather...
  13. lastofthepatriots

    Weak Indian Anchor gets Educated by EX-General Pervaiz Musharraf

    :lol: This interview made me laugh so hard. Pakistan Zindabad! :pakistan:
  14. lastofthepatriots

    Question for the guys on this forum!

    I know Pakistani guys mostly freestyle because we learned how to wash our *** at a young age. Curious about the people from other countries on this forum. :lol: Explanations are needed for either choice so that this thread can make sense to anyone.
  15. lastofthepatriots

    Is Pakistani culture dying?

    When I was growing up, we had dining tables. But whenever family got together to eat, we spread out a white chadar on the floor and all sat while eating food together. Do Pakistanis still do this or is this something we older people do?
  16. lastofthepatriots

    Dear Zainab

    Dear Zainab, I never knew about you and where you lived. I never saw your sweet smile and innocence. I never knew that your favorite color was pink and I never knew that the Barbie you liked was your favorite doll. I never knew that your book bag would say it all. You see Zainab, I...
  17. lastofthepatriots

    Pakistani nuclear physicist Ishfaq Ahmed passes away

    Pakistani nuclear physicist Ishfaq Ahmed passes away https://www.geo.tv/latest/177561-nuclear-physicist-ishfaq-ahmed-passes-away RIP sir. Thank you for your services towards the nation. May Allah swt give you paradise.
  18. lastofthepatriots

    Who is the one person you trust the most?

    I must say. Throughout all of my years, I've only ever trusted my mother as someone that has my total interests in hand. For the rest of you, it could be father, khala, sister, friend, neighbor, but I would love to know one thing. Who is the person you trust the most after Allah swt, in your...
  19. lastofthepatriots

    Shaheer Sialvi replies to Iman Mazari

  20. lastofthepatriots

    MK Ultra

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra Very interesting. CIA was trying to harness the power of the brain and utilize it as weapon to fight the Soviets. The Soviets also had a rival program which was in nature the same, but used different methods. Both sides tried to use...

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