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    Various members of Parliament suspended

    EC suspends membership of 148 lawmakers http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/d199e880445c6c36ac9effded77b42cd/parliament-608.jpg?MOD=AJPERES ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Monday suspended the membership of 148 lawmakers who failed to submit statements of their assets...
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    Alien found in Lahore

    [url= - Alien found in Lahore,Pakistan !!! 26th May 2009[/url] I found this video very funny in Lahore. It is hilarious I am sure it would be false.
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    Indian Beggars brush up on languages

    BEGGARS in India are preparing for next year’s Commonwealth Games - by learning new languages. Thousands of homeless in the Indian capital New Delhi are hoping for better business from foreign tourists if they learn their native tongue. And although English is spoken in the majority of...
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    MQM a tale of 2 halves.

    The topic sums it up they have been labeled a Mafia in the past and they are a reasonably strong political party from Sindh? Altaf Hussain is a leader of the party that boasts to have the voter confidence of the city of Karachi which holds a lot of power however it seems to always show...
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    Indian elections 2009

    I was wondering if their is already a thread and this is the current events section I couldn't find one but I decided to start one on the Indian elections anyway. Please post happenings of the election I will add a bit of BBC news after this first introductory post.
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    Swat flogging video Fake or Not fake ? Why is MQM still after it.

    It's not that I love bugging people to read my writing by constantly posting in the national political views section. It's not something that I have become addicted do. It's just that things are happening which piss me off so bad and are so wrong that I feel I MUST put my thought across. There...
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    Indian congress wants Pakistan declared terror state

    NEW DELHI, Feb 7: A spokesman for India’s ruling Congress party on Saturday called on the international community to consider declaring Pakistan a terrorist state in the wake of the release of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. “The world should now think whether to declare Pakistan a terrorist state,”...
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    The Muslim Waffen SS

    Although I have read very little history on this topic but I wanted to know how much of a role did the Muslim Waffen under Grand Mufti Amin al Husseini play in the holocaust and the third reich. If this is so that the Mufti of Jerusalem joined hands in the War with the Germans isn't Israel...
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    War not an option, says India

    NEW DELHI, Dec 16: The terror outrage in Mumbai was a global issue and not a matter between India and Pakistan, nor should it be seen through the prism of the Kashmir issue, Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in Srinagar on Tuesday. “It is not a Kashmir issue. It is not...

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