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    Could China invade the USA?

    US = M4A1 CN = P92 P92 pistols are defensive, not offensive
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    Keel laying of 3rd Type-054A Frigate and 2nd MILGEM Corvette were held - DGPR Navy

    why not HQ16-B , is 70km HQ16 only 40km
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    Covid-19 in India - Second Wave - World Extends Help and Support - Updates and Discussion

    china already sold them 1K+ oxygen machine。。。
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    DF-21D "carrier killer" missile for Pakistan?

    may be they can use chinese C4ISR..we op 21D together?that will be save money emm..want ask,Five Eyes Alliance. . not dispatch soldiers?
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    Mike Pompeo Declares China's Uighur Policy as Genocide

    There are too many lies. before we give them too much explanations. now we don’t care about that. Chinese people are becoming more culturally confident, Young people don’t trust US government and Western media .Because they knew too much lies and their own country was so terrible.
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    Iran seizes South Korean-flagged oil tanker headed for the UAE

    the news not said owed money and why Korea not pay ? ?
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    Mutant coronavirus pushes UK’s international prestige to lowest level

    Are there many British people who don’t want to leave the European Union? emm.If I were British, I would not want to leave the European Union. . I think many hands make work light ?
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    What is the progress of India's plan about "overtake China economically by 2020"? Only 13 days left in 2020 now.

    India was wealthier than China before.. democratic India now GDP is 1/5 of China I admire India’s democracy---really. Keep going
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    Featured BAF to get high-performance fighter planes: PM

    Armenian experience: few MG29s or SU27 are not cost-effective? want to ask should spend money on drones?
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    Vietnam will reach upper middle income in 2023

    Quarrel is not necessary Should have the idea of being prosperous with other Asian countries Our government is good. The trade volume between China and Vietnam is increasing every year. The average annual growth rate is about 20% (this is a very high number). There are some frictions between...
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    Bangladesh’s economy to get a huge boost with Padma Bridge completion

    cool,it made by Contractor : China Major Bridge Engineering Co. Ltd, China Contractor : Sinohydro Corporation Limited, China. Contractor : AML-HCM JV. Contractor : Abdul Monem Ltd. ESST : Bangladesh Army. Consultant : Special Works Organization(SWO-West), Bangladesh Army in association...
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    China wants India to accept the new normal on LAC, move on to restore bilateral ties

    为啥我看见的都是印度蚕食我们的土地,整个藏南,包括中国不承认的麦克马洪线,甚至多余麦克马洪线了都。 印度就和无赖是的,大声叫,然后蚕食我们领土。我们巩固下,它还搞得自己很委屈的样子。 里里外外的占便宜! 看藏南印度移民百万,要不回来了也!看见印度新闻就生气!
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    India includes Huawei in 5G rollout working groups

    test is ok but order products for western/US ----It's easy to guess
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    Do you think Iran doesn't want revenge? Not without revenge, It's hard to revenge!

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