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Oct 22, 2009
    1. EagleEyes
      Nice avatar. Where did you get it from?
    2. ajpirzada
      thanks a lot...
      that is some big collection.
      anyways wat do u do bro?
    3. ajpirzada
      Allama Iqbal was amongst your forefathers and that is gud enough for me to respect you sir.
      Ill be looking fwd to your email.
      See you on the forum
    4. ajpirzada
      so Sir Allama Iqbal were ur ??
      yes i will really appreciate that. is it just english or is it in persian and urdu with english translation?
    5. ajpirzada
      sure. So far i dont know much about him but i have recently started takin interest in his poetry and how he tries to revive spirit of islam in muslims. It is really fascinating. depth in his poetry is such that i will never lik to come out of it.
      problem rit now is that i dont know persian and so cant understand a significant part of wat he says. my urdu is gud but again not gud enough to fully understand iqbal.
      zaid hamid is another way of understandin iqbal but i dont really trust that guy when it comes to information. he makes it sound too gud to be true
    6. ajpirzada
      Thanks for your invitation brother
    7. Karam Ali
      Karam Ali
      Mr Zubair,

      There is no reason to be insulting to me----you may answer my post on its merits or demirits but please refrain from using terms like 'half baked selective knowledge' etc etc.

      I understand what you are saying----but I am stressing on something else---which is the coercion part of it---where the family of the victim has been continuosly been harrassed and seemingly forced into submission---and secondly---there is no jail time for murder.

      Murder is a capitol crime---there has to be jail time even if the relatives of the victims are forgiving.

      You didnot read my post completely---even in paistan---when the relatives forgive the crime---the culprit is set free---there are instances where the victims have been forced at gun point or threat to their lives or their relatives kidnapped to forgive the criminal.

      A reaction must not be knee jerk---there must be reasoning to it.
    8. digitaleyes
      visit pakguns.com/forum
    9. osamaziadxb
      Going good man...Rawan usa :smitten:
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