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  • Hey,
    Yeah man, i am away but be back soon, so what you up to, take good care and you got a nice CCS patch there, i will be back soon ...have fun
    I know, don't you just love looking at them. That's the power god has given to girls.

    An excellent article, Zob, thanks a lot for sharing this with me. I am glad to see that in addition to stuff written in English, you also benefit from urdu material.

    Hello Dear,

    Thanks for remembering me.

    I am recovering from H1N1 influenza. I sign-in time to time, read the posts but don’t find enough energy in me to write. Besides, to be honest with you, I have fired almost all the bullets in my repertoire if you will. Additionally there are better posters (such as you) around now, who can surely relay the message more effectively.

    Also the forum topics are kind of monotonous now; no new and thrilling stuff is coming up, don’t you think?

    Hello Zob,

    Finally someone has guts to understand and propose a solution of the Taliban and Balochistan problem. Zob, you are doing great man, thanks a lot for your great posts. I was going to PM you, but I guess, sometimes, one deserves to be acknowledged publically.
    Hey bro...
    Thankx for asking, I, by the grace of God good some amazing results ( amazing on the positive side ), whats up with you man
    yes in the real war scenario most of the fighters located near the border, but mainly for interceptor and to support army.but in case of strategic strike they(MKI) can take of from agra,bareilly,etc which are lit bit further from border to evade AWACS and as MKI can refuel in the sky so endurance would not be the problem.
    And also, as you know it have powerfull radar it detect aircraft from a distance without getting detected.
    Also not to forget AWACS support.

    I am just a simple farmer, who grew up watching planes flying across this fields....
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