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    Elections Are Coming!!??

    Ho gaey sab case khatam?
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    If Pakistan were to Vanish tomorrow how would it be ranked among the muslim empires of this region and middle east?

    What empire? Pakistan is a republic Not some family ruled Dynasty. For the first time we are free and independent. (We were either under influence pf the Eastern Indian Empires or Western Persian and central asian Empires). Stop finding your ancestors in those eastern or western influences and...
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    Domestic Violence Map in South Asia

    Whats up with Bangladesh? 🧐
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    Journalist Arshad Sharif martyred in Kenya

    Thats not exactly how colonization happened. Hindustan was not a one big super state when British came. They took it piece by piece. The independent pricely states remained independent largely after they accepted British supermacy (Hyderabad, Kashmir, Bahawalpur , Kapurthala, Junagarh etc)...
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    Journalist Arshad Sharif martyred in Kenya

    Unfortunately you are 100% correct. Establishment will destroy Pakistan but not leave there power. But them in power will ruin Pakistan as well. Neither choice is acceptable.
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    Journalist Arshad Sharif martyred in Kenya

    I pray with you that people become a nation and change fate of this country. But the thing is just like the love of a beloved family member, no matyer how bad he/she becomes you cannot imagine him/her hurt, All you can do is try to make him good or atleast pray. I love this country too much to...
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    Workable presidential system for Pakistan

    So basically US Structure of Government but after restructuring the current administrative divisions. Well this solution is easy to implement. And will be widely acceptable to those who are already in power. But I always write that the ultimate solution to this mess is complete abolition of...
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    Journalist Arshad Sharif martyred in Kenya

    I dont understand what have happened to all these people on PDF. How many of you are above 30 and lived most of there lives inside Pakistan Facing Pakistani system on daily Basis? People should take arms against Army and law enforcement agencies you say? Have you people ever faced other...
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    How to create the Arc of Islam?

    Konsa Nasha kartey ho bhai?
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    Imran Khan message

    Please dont waste your energies to engage in Useless arguments with Paid bots and Idiots.
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    SC acquits Shahrukh Jatoi and others.

    So thread on Shahrukh Jatoi Case verdict and arguments on Islam vs secularism. What is wrong with this country in a nutshell. Anyways this is a routine matter in every city of Pakistan. Some powerfull kills a weak. Most of the time the case will be rejected on technical bases. FIR wording is...
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    Voting for 8 NA, 3 Punjab Assembly seats

    Still so many votes for PDM in most of the constituencies? Either 1-Neutrals are still not neutrals and they have tried to meddle as much as they can but failed against overwhelming majority given by Public or 2-A huge number of People still have hopes from PDM tolla. Pakistani State have...
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    Bangladesh ahead of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in reducing hunger

    Best of luck Bangladesh. I wish subcontinent can compete with the mindset of "How can we get better then our competetor" then " How can i destabalize and malign my neighbor"
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    ROBO-SOLDIERS China unveils ‘Robocop’ exo-skeletons, gun wielding killer robot dogs & ‘X- ray’ tech to help soldiers see through walls

    I dont know why no one is getting a little bit worried or atleast bothered with all these advancements in Killer tech. I mean, Forget about war, How far is it from reality to imagine a regime like Stalinist, Fascist or Nazis comes to power in a country or countries in near future. If such...
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    Pakistani Nationalists should study Chinese and Japanese governing systems

    For a start -Remove Provincial system and replace with Decentralized city level Administration. -On city level, Transfer power from Babus(Civil Servants) to Public representatives. -Reform Financial System so that more capital is available to startups and growing Businesses instead of Existing...

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