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    What Is Pakistan Real Annual Defense Budget

    Don't forget there is so many company under Pakistan army so with annual budget add all this company shares also...
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    India, Brazil & South Africa to Hold Joint Naval Drill “IBSAMAR”

    INS ADITYA Fleet Tanker on route to Durban: INS GANGA the second of the guided-missile frigates: INS MYSORE Delhi Class guided missile destroyer sailing into Durban: INS TABAR one of the guided-missle frigates comes in Durban habour:
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    India, Brazil & South Africa to Hold Joint Naval Drill “IBSAMAR”

    Meet and greet of naval officers involved in the exercise:
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    Pakistan to fight for terrorist convict's release

    This thing show two face of Pakistan when it come to terrorism and also for Pakistan terrorism is limited to TTP and if Pakistanis is or was helping USA because of money and to counter its enemy India .And it can be easily seen that USA is not interested to help Pakistan against India in any...
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    Why I don't contribute to Desaster-Stricken Pakistan

    Well Pakistan need aid and they have asked from many country but even in that they are choose..From this country we will take, from this we will not take and about this country i think they should give through UN then acceptable and rest....sir sir this country are giving very less..who are...
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    CGames: Delhi Faces Threat Of Mass Exodus

    ^^why the hell they will pray for India success...even i think game should be called off and will be good lesson for us.We need serious reform in sports with now or never type attitude.First we should make our self a sporting country and then go for this kind of organizing sport events.
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    James Anderson:does cricket proud with appearance in gay magazine?

    Gays are not criminals,they are human and what is wrong if Anderson appears in gay magazine.
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    Shoaib Akthar tempering row 5th ODI

    From what angle you think he is tempering the ball,it look like he is just holding it..
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    Shoaib Akthar tempering row 5th ODI

    Ijaz butt on the field personally helping the baller to temper and fixing the matches for them :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    India Poverty Games

    then what you are waiting for go and cry....
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    Indian Nuclear Assets Danger to the World

    Then why this thread and hundred of this kind of thread by Pakistani member if you give a dam to Indian nuke.
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    U.S. Influence Rises in Asia amid Chinese Disputes

    China and India is not going to war at-least from Indian side but china power play and china pakistan relation in the field of nuclear is concern for India.
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    U.S. Influence Rises in Asia amid Chinese Disputes

    Its not about sympathy or jealousy,its about the Gang of China, pakistan and north Korea.Your proxy Pakistan and North Korea is suicidal for Asian peace.Its very clear in mind of East Asian country, USA and India what china trying to do with this country.
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    Kashmir | News & Discussions.

    This is what i call True Pakistani..This what a Pakistani can think and Pakistani army is trying to do this after Afghanistan war but they them self caught in the fire but still wanted to continue..great go for it.. Don't forget these terrorist is not present in India unlike pakistan...

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