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    Dasu Hydropower Project (DHP), .... 4,320 MW

    Work started again??
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    Saudi Arabia missing in Afghanistan?

    Iran is our enemy. See this they are even qouting CENTCOM
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    Saudi Arabia missing in Afghanistan?

    Iran ko ******************** do. 55 lakh Pakistani iran ky haan kaam karty hain aur 15 billion USD remmitences bhejty hain???
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    Dasu Hydropower Project (DHP), .... 4,320 MW

    Work started again???
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    How can we fight this wokeness pandemic esp. in Pakistan/ India??

    Members can share their suggestions. How to overpower Radical leftist and liberalism??
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    Bhakts Going Crazy Blocking Bangladeshi Appliances: Make-in-India Not Working

    Pakistan already exports to EU and Africa. https://propakistani.pk/2019/08/27/pakistani-home-appliance-makers-begin-exports-to-eu-and-african-countries/ & local mobile phone manufacturing has been started in pakistan. https://www.dawn.com/news/1608349
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    Pakistani Roads, Motorways and Highways

    Will be completed by 2024/2025.
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    Energy Projects...Updates

    Power production is increasing, transmitting capacity should also increase.
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    Pakistan: Facebook and Nayatel to offer internet access to 15 million citizens across 8 cities

    https://www.arabnews.pk/node/1865251/pakistan In its first Pakistan investment, Facebook to introduce fiber networks in eight cities In this file photo, operators handle an undersea fiber optic cable at Arrietara beach near the Spanish Basque village of Sopelana on June 13, 2017. (AFP) Short...
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    Rescue 1122 "service above self"

    It has already started in KP, some dists. of Bln.

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