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    Balochistan Updates

    Hub western bypass completed.
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    Govt to construct 16 small dams in nine Balochistan districts

    Should do it ASAP.
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    Pakistani Roads, Motorways and Highways

    100 % child enrollment will not happen anyway. This motorway will increase business, will create jobs, increase connectivity, increase tourism. People will send their children to school when they have a job.
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    PTI govt plans to sell 10 more entities

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    Balochistan Updates

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    Gulf leaders coming for houbara hunting

    Good for local economy and conservation of species. RO PATWARI RO
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    Gwadar International Airport updates

    They are making people chu**ya.
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    Gwadar International Airport updates

    It will not be the largest.
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    Balochistan Updates

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    M-6 - Sukkur - Hyderabad Motorway

    Bhai source batana please.
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    Pakistan's Foreign exchange reserves cross 20.5 billion USD mark after 4 years.

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    Pakistan’s growth rate at 0.5pc in FY21

    Oye patwariiiiii, unky fiscal year aur hamary mein difference hai. Googly kar kisi KKB.

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