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    Australia May Buy Navantia Landing Craft

    Interesting article from RATSON Shipyard Indonesia. Landing Craft Tank (LCT), Tug Boat, Oil Tanker / Self Propelled Oil Barge (SPOB), Deck Cargo Barge, Fiber Boat for Sale by RATSON Shipyard Indonesia. Ship Landing Craft Tank (LCT) for bussines purpose, boats and seagoing vehicles are used to...
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    Micro Air Vehicle

    clever & sophisticated guns
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    Chinese delegation in Aselsan institue ?

    scary machine guns peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    South Korea to Transfer UAV, Missile Technologies to UAE

    interesting peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    Georgia Departs Kings Bay for Maiden Deployment as Guided Missile Sub

    Nice Article peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    Single Pilot Fighters VS Dual Pilot Fighters

    of course 2 peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    Lockheed To Provide Sniper ATP and LANTIRN ER Pods to Turkish Air Force

    nice article.. peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    Arabs Going Nuclear

    nice article.. peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    Indonesia to Hand over CN-235 MPA to South Korea by End of 2010

    OMG, peace... just dream... :pdf:
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    Top 10 Greatest Firearms in History

    interesting... :pdf:
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    List of countries by number of troops

    interesting :pdf: