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Feb 18, 1974 (Age: 46)



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Jul 3, 2014
    1. Ghareeb_Da_Baal
      Yassir bhai............... yar yeh pm chorro.
    2. Ghareeb_Da_Baal
      The airport I go to is the regional( N.W) No jets there but the have really awesome vintage planes as well as newer propelled ones. N o jets though!
      It is still fun as I drive around the hangars and talk to a few people there. The landing strip is right by the road so it is fun.
      I actually work for a mortgage broker in CA . I pre-underwrite their loans and work on Short sales.Actually I work form home!
      If you wanna see jets, you gotta go to W. Ft Worth as that is where the naval air station is. I think there is a park by the lake that is a lot closer to the base. I ve seen em buzz around all the times as I used to drive up to West FT W for horseback riding
      Here is the link to some pics I took.It wasn't that busy this sunday. Saturdays are always a lot busier .PS you can see my bike is every picture, LOL totally in love with it!

    3. ynmian
      if jets are there we can go to that airport where u go usually....is that fort-worth alliance airport or northwest regional....i never went there....how old are u by the way....20s, 30s mid 30s :) just asking, just to get an idea :)
    4. Ghareeb_Da_Baal
      Actually me too. Growing up I was obsessed with f16............and now with Pak/China development in aviation.
      How are you enjoying the weather? It sucks for me as i ride my motorcycle but when its windy, I cant ride for that long.
      Sometime drive up to the private airport right by the end of the runway in Roanoke and take pictures of various planes.
      I ll ride tomorrow regardless though.
      Definitely hit me up if you want and we can hang out, I ll treat you to the samosa and chai at Indo pak. I go there all the times.
    5. Ghareeb_Da_Baal
      Interest was same as anyone else really................... you know it covers pretty much the happenings and such in pakistan plus you get to discuss certain topics.
    6. Last Hope
      Last Hope
      Inshallah you wont!
    7. Ghareeb_Da_Baal
      Wow, that is like 3 miles from me...............................
    8. Socra
      Posts in your history and others are gone..
      your posts that you made are still in the threads. you just will have to search more for a specific post.
      The criteria for elite members was above 10000 posts or something.. not exactly sure..and we are talking about changing that.
    9. Socra
      The idea was to expand the network.. and this was upto the administration.
      The look change is still in progress.. not finalized
    10. Ghareeb_Da_Baal
      hey brother. I am very close to Wall mart/Denton Tap rd..............
    11. Socra
      Well the new setup is going to take time to get used to ..searching posts is offline as this is still a work in progress.. and post history is gone as well.. so if the post was made before the change.. it aint gonna be here anymore.
    12. ynmian
      I am great Chogy, thanks.
    13. Chogy
      Hey there pardner! Hope you're having a great day! :)
    14. Capt.Popeye
      Sorry, it was in a printed report and was attributed to a Senior officer after trials, don't know if appeared on the web.
    15. jupiter2007
      Irving, Texas
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    Feb 18, 1974 (Age: 46)