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    Turkey begins mass production process of AKSUNGUR

    How stealthy are these drones actually? I could imagine them being very vulnerable in a conventional war.
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    Have the Turkish Engineers Decoded and Debugged the S-400 System?

    Lol yeah sure man Troll. Bayraktar TB2 is 93% domestic and for all critical systems domestic alternatives are ready. From the engine to the CATS system. But I guess you can believe whatever makes you feel better.
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    Ukraine plans to acquire 48 Bayraktar TB2 SIHA

    Does the Canadian embargo on certain subcomponents limit these deals?
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    Featured Azerbaijan Armenian War

    Wrong thread?
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    You are claiming the quality sucks for a project that was signed way before there was even a Turkish engine prototype. How can you judge the quality of a product before its existence? Most engine projects for armoured vehicles were only signed in 2018/2019. For smaller armoured vehicles in the...
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    Deterring Turkey war on Greece, France plays 'bad cop' to Merkel's 'good cop'

    Well, not Greeks but Balkan. Greeks do not have a monopoly on Balkan genetics. Then even Bulgaria is Greek because they are very similar to Greeks genetically.
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    Makes sense, but if there is a chance that transmissions can be replaced or updated later, we could get these first. The main reason Turkish vehicles do not use Turkish engines yet, is because they've not entered mass production. There are various 600hp and 1000hp projects that are expected to...
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    is this Korean transmission really that bad?
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    Blue Homeland (Mavi Vatan)

    18 rafales is too little to make a lasting impact. The 4 frigates are a stopgap and nothing Turkey can't handle. A possible conflict in the Aegean will not be fought with warships, as they are sitting ducks for missiles etc.
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    I have multiple family members that have fought and died in the independence war. Are you saying they did not did die and are still living somewhere? Or maybe they never existed? Maybe I don't exist? Anyway your denial of reality is an insult to all who fought and died to protect this country...
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    Turkish Unmanned Vehicle Programs

    Saying the Independence war was a lie and fabrication is typical islamist bullshit and not based on reality. You are probably from Europe?
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    You are correct. However, my speculation is based on the current sources saying that they will start production with 5 MTU engines, while no domestic engine was seen until now. Maybe these sources are fake.
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    Altay & Turkish Main Battle Tank Programs

    They are just gonna make 5 with existing MTU engines and say serial production has started. Then we're gonna wait again for the new engine, maybe a couple fo years.
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    Turkey shot down a MiG-29 and a Mi-8 helicopter in Libya

    These restrictions do not exist and are a myth spread by the Islamists to discredit Ataturk
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    Featured How Turkey became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of weapons systems

    Nobody talks about Yemen because the Saudis have the Blessing from the US.

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