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    China – J-XX Stealth Jets

    I don't believe we can develope a fighter like F22 in next 10 years
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    China developing Anti Gravity Machine

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    India must take a ‘free Tibet’ stand

    Free tibet?Free to bed!!!
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    Arunachal shows China how democracy works

    demorcracy left stability to a developed society,but it left chaos to a developing country.Do british have demorcracy when they are rising?Do americans have demorcracy when they are rising?Democarcy doesn't means everything.it is something that will appear once the society have developed to some...
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    How strong is India's Defences towards the chinese Boarder

    Rebellious?No,i don't think they are rebellious.I've been there once.the scenery is excellent and the people are kind.Since then,i don't believe any western media anymore.what they do is hiring some guys who have never been to tibet sitting in a office in london and make reports.No photos?Just...
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    India’s tense ties with China

    Communism?Our goverment have already give up the Communism dream a long time ago.We have no interest in fighting the rest of the world.Money can change every thing,even communists...
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    South Asian Fake Nuclear Power

    Sorry that I make you angry. I mentioned Matians because I want to tell you it's ridiculous.I didn't doubt Indian space programme,I believe you can sent your man into space before 2015,I can't wait to see it,but to land on the moon...not in 15 years for both of our countries:no:
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    South Asian Fake Nuclear Power

    Stole US nuclear secrets?We stole nuclear secrets from US!!US stole nuclear secrets from martians!!Martians stole nuclear secrets from India!!
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    My Prediction: UK will fall before 2012!

    Many great guys have mental diease...
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    Pakistan Railways, Indian Railways

    Based on siemens technology but we are going to sell it to USA.That really angers those europeans
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    GOI clueless on growing Chinese Naval Muscle

    Water is not the only trouble we have,food,water,education,health,jobs:blah:...all these can harm the development of the country
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    India's N-sub undermines strategic stability: Pak

    All the 3 wars between India and Pakistan have been inaugurated by Pakistan without any provocation??:rofl::rofl: The weak Pakistan attacked the strong India,Why?If it's true,it will also be ture that the weak india attacked the strong china in 1962.Why?Put your answer to the first...
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    China's DF-31 missile stronger than Agni-III :IBNLive

    :rofl::rofl::rofl:In China,when there are test failures,they called"What test?I don't know any test!"At least we got some simularities with Indians~~