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  • I responded to your post on top 20 Muslim country thread, i would like to hear a respond from you. Thank You
    i am trying to make a factual debate..we have to come out of this black and white vision of the world..this vs that..end of the day..in international commerce..resorting to personal attacks and insults is a first sign of incompetency..and you are being no different that the despots being criticizer in that thread. Politics always have two dimensions....we have to put a leash on the hate preaching going into our society which is corodding us from with in...and the best to way to do it is to confront reality on its face...we have been living in doctored history fro a few good decades now.
    Bro just ignore the racist posts. Normal people can see who is acting racist. Hell, they aren't even white themselves :D Just take it with ease bro, have a nice day :)
    Brother Yahya calm down. It is not nice being the one everyone are racist to in the forum is it??

    Don't worry you don't have to prove anything to them. These people are not worth your anger to begin with.
    These are the people I deal with on a daily basis here. And they find HUGE support when they attack Arabs here.

    Double standards much?? Don't worry brother we are Muslims and that is all that matters for me.
    i wouldn't go that far, that dude is a known racial supremacist on this forum. but i must say i'm very disappointed by the sickening racism of people on this forum.
    What a retard! I have no interest to pretend to be someone I do not belong to. So stop acting like a fool.
    It is evident that you are in denial and your brain is void of rational thinking. Every single war between Arabs and Israelis, the Arabs proclaimed it a Jihad in the name of Allah, so does today the Islamic Republic of Iran proclaim this war between us a war between Muslims and the Jewish people.
    They had the land that is in dispute before the 67` war and they still tried their very best to destroy the Jews, they even had East Jerusalem. Jews were not allowed to visit their holiest sites, but today Al Aqsa Mosque is administered by Muslims even under the Israeli government and all religions are free to visit their holiest places.
    It was a war started by Arabs against Israelis, then the Arabs lost, now it is a war between Iran and her Arab proxies and Israel.
    The Arabs have more land than any other race. This war is of hatred for Jews, hatred of Judaism, and hatred for all those non Muslim.
    This is how it started and through the years the hatred spilled over to non Arab Muslims because of the concept of the Ummah.
    Muslims read the Quran, yes, but not from cover to cover.
    I have no hatred for Arabs or Muslims, only for terrorists wherever they may be. In fact, i interact with Israeli Muslims everyday because they live with me peacefully and with respect, as i respect them.

    Did you know that Indonesians as we speak are asking to buy Israeli military equipment? They are the largest Muslim nation in the world.
    My point is that you are not Islamic, you are a Muslim who was told to hate Israel because it is said so in the Quran. Did you know that most Muslims do not read the Quran themselves and rely on preachers to be told what is right and what is wrong? Did you know that in the Quran it is said that Israel belongs to the Jews?
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