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    This is Why You Shouldn't Pray for "Tabahi of Pakistan" Ata Hasnain. Such Duas Come Back and Bite You

    Dont know about that but more recently some Dogs are begging us to talk, please talk to us we will even talk about Kashmir LOL As far as the attack on Pakistan, your dog can try it once more, we have plenty of Chai
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    How India Will Vaccinate the World from Covid-19 | Largest Vaccination Drive

    This thread should be removed now
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    PM Modi a 'Super Spreader', Responsible For COVID Second Wave: IMA's Navjot Dahiya

    I think Modi is super in everything he does including virus spreading, he can easily cross 6 meter barrier when he releases air from his 56" lungs, reaching millions in the crowd of his election rallies.
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    IEA response to Hamid Mir lies

    Yes American say that, they were the one protecting Pakistan from Afghan soil :rofl:
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    Properties made with Halal money: Maryam Nawaz

    when the first meal of a child comes from Haram income then haram becomes halal for her.
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    11 policemen taken hostage by TLP released after first round of talks

    you stop changing you views as wind changes and we will stop labeling you
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    Is Biden Demanding Use of Pakistani Military Bases After Pullout From Afghanistan?

    they do bring supplies for Afghanistan, been doing for last 20 years, the base they were using was Shamsi base in the past.
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    Bangladesh set to outpace Pakistan’s auto sector

    Good to see Pakistan a standard of development in south Asia, after India now BD tries to catch up or exceed Pakistan.
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    Today is the day for Pakistan to decide, you want enmity or friendship - Afghanistan President.

    Afghanistan chose enmity with Pakistan from day one and we can see who is worst off today
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    Is it Haleem or Daleem ?

    That maybe the reason its called Daleem, beef is a must for Haleem, one can make it chicken and call it Kaleem.
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    Karachi police recover beautician’s body from retired army officer’s farmhouse

    Medina ki ryasat me tum jasey log bhi to thay whoever gave him -ve rating please take it away, he ia very liked by some "Tink tanks" of PDf for anti-army posts
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    Friends who are standing with India during Covid crisis #neverforget

    what have Singapore, Aus and Japan done that helps India? as far as standing with India, US is standing with India too just not with the raw material
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    Why do Indians want to deflect?

    My question is why are you trying to kiss Indian a$$es. They have been our enemy since 1947 and I see them being an enemy in 2047 and beyond. So, as human let's just feel bad for people's sufferings and do not offer any verbal sympathy, God knows they don't deserve it. Remember these are the...
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    Covid-19 - Devastating Second Wave in India - Updates and Discussion

    What is the story with Oxygen, unless majority of cases are stage 3 or above, is where oxygen is needed.
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    Regrouping of militants is Pakistan’s biggest worry: US general

    Why dont US stop worrying about Pakistan and take care of their mess, let Pakistan worry about what will happen to Pakistan when U.S. leave. Sky may fall, trees may stop growing leaves, river might start to flow in reverse direction, the law of gravity may fail in Pakistan....we should all Thank...

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