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    'No doubt Imran is a criminal': Nawaz questions delay in PTI foreign funding verdict

    seems like our judiciary have been paid by foreign funders
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    Overseas Pakistanis Rescuing Pakistan Economy Yet Again

    not recently, they love you now
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    'Don't Make Mistake Of Testing Patience': Indian Army Chief's Message To China

    don't make mistake of testing our patience!! this means last one year of humiliation was not even testing their patience, it means keep doing what you have been doing because that is under their patience threshold. Why do i get the feeling that Indians have some kind of verbal handicap, they...
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    Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun: Chinese "aircraft carrier killer" missile launch experiment on a moving ship with two hits

    I understand China/Japan animosity cause Japanese killed 100 of 1000s of Chinese, but i dont understand Vietnamese love for US who killed millions of vietnamese....what do Chinese need to do to earn you love :)
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    Arab Barometer: 52% of Moroccans Favor China Over US, MENA countries favor China over US

    100% of Arab dictators favor US 100 times over China
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    Army's Combat Swarm Drones Fly In Public For First Time

    I will buy 20 DJI drones and fly them at the same time, call them my swarm drones
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    Did China ‘Bring-Down’ The Indian MiG-21 Fighter Jet Using Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Technology Near Pakistan Border?

    This is the first time that a precious Mig21 crashed?? what about last 200 crashes, were they brought down by pigeons and kites
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    UK eager to boost trade with Pakistan to £10b

    these are just talks, same as the Saudi Oil refinery that is coming for last 30 years. you know what we say in Karachi "Batain Ch***** me kutch kharch ne hota"
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    North Korea unveils new submarine-launched ICBM

    Still smaller than Kim Jong
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    How many countries have Hypersonic wind tunnels? What are the top speeds of each country?

    ok you caught me, I lied ... damn only if i knew you were here :(
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    Indian Air Force Lost Over 170 Aircraft in Last 20 Years

    jub girana hi hay to apney girao
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    Pakistan to develop its own messaging app: IT minister

    It makes a perfect sense since 99% Pakistanis only use Whatapps to communicate with their friends and family so you don't need an app that is universal coverage.
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    Why has Pakistan not tested a ICBM yet?

    ICBM = It cannot be made
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    How many countries have Hypersonic wind tunnels? What are the top speeds of each country?

    sorry mate everything does not have a link, PAF would not be able to work on JF17 design without a wind Tunnel, this wind tunnel was setup by US in the 60s.

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