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    China to procure 36 Ka-52K Katran helicopters from Russia

    I think we should buy 100 to use,After all, it's only $2 billion per 100. Apache , you can also buy a few dozen to see. After all, now that the military has money, the Chinese navy spends $28 billion a year on equipment purchases.
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    Why do Indians lie so stupidly?

    Watching the news, you have to get rid of all the adjectives, subjective judgments, inferences and guesses. Some news with obvious purpose, just look at his purpose directly. For example, President Putin's golden toilet.This is obviously fake news, how do you know his toilet is gold, I don't...
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    Tragic Mistake': U.S. Admits Killing 10 Civilians, Including 7 Children, in Kabul drone strike.

    These news basically will not be reported on a large scale in the Western media. They are focusing on women's rights in Afghanistan.
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    The odd couple: China's deepening relationship with the Taliban

    Was the Taliban not the enemy that the US supported against the Soviet Union? There doesn't seem to be an organization that hasn't been funded by the CIA.
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    My photos from China

    Primary school gate, pick up children from school 2021.9.17
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    Japan PM candidate Takaichi backs doubling defense budget to 2% GDP [ $100B Defense Budget]

    I think China's military budget should increase from 1.3% of GDP to 2%. China's military spending has stagnated at 1.3% for so many years.
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    How racists are Chinese?

    NGO, Many people take money to scold in the Chinese online comment section,Other organizations that have received funding from foreign foundations are also leading public opinion. Recently, under the name of popular science,It preaches that Chinese people can't eat meatETC,The organizer in the...
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    Israel wins 6 medals at International Math Olympiad, ranked 7th in world

    I also know for the first time that we are doing better in these Olympic competitions.Well, there's a big difference between the first and second place.
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    China brings home top 3 golds in Chemistry Olympiad

    My hometown is in Jining. :-)
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    China brings home top 3 golds in Chemistry Olympiad

    I hadn't noticed that we've been at the front in these races It may have something to do with our culture of hard work. I just took the bus.While the bus was waiting, I found the driver washing his car to keep it clean and tidy.
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    What is the best form of government for Pakistan

    Remove what was already a developed country 20 years ago. And then look at countries in the last twenty years.
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    Tokyo Olympic 2021: Discussion and Update

    32 gold medals, even if there is no one behind, I feel very satisfied.
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    Tokyo Olympic 2021: Discussion and Update

    I am satisfied with 29 gold medals.
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    Tokyo Olympic 2021: Discussion and Update

    In the end, China and the United States will compete for the gold medals. The United States ranks first in the gold medal list with 60% probability, and China ranks first with 40% probability.

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