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    Lahore - Abdul Hakim Motorway (M-3)

    M3 Lahore~Abdul Hakeem is open & Operational Then Why it isn't showing route on Google map??? @Chishty4
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    M-4 -- Faisalabad Multan Motorway

    Gojra-Shorkot section of Motorway inaugurated. ISLAMABAD: Member of National Assembly Riaz Fatyana and Ministry of Communications Parliamentary Secretary Mian Muhammad Shafique inaugurated on Saturday the Gojra–Shorkot section of the National Motorway M4, which will further reduce travel cost...
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    Lahore - Abdul Hakim Motorway (M-3)

    Abdul Hakeem-Lahore Motorway now open to commuters... ALI LAGHARI 15 JAN 2019 In a bid to facilitate the commuters, the Government of Pakistan has opened Abdul Hakeem-Lahore Motorway (M3) today, i.e. 15-1-2019. According to the details, the total length of the motorway is 230 kilometres...
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    Pakistan could face mass droughts by 2025 as water level nears 'absolute scarcity'

    Even If Droughts Hits Pakistan 100 Years From Now On We Should Start Acting Now Because PAKISTAN Depends Alot On Water.......One This Thing That Punch's Me In The Face Is That We Are A Nuclear Tech Country & We Haven't Been Able To Build A Single Dam With Good Storage From Past 40 Years = Bad...
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    China set to fund Diamer-Bhasha dam: Planning minister

    Same Bullshiiiit Again & Again Just Start The Construction For God Sake PAKISTAN Needs It........
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    Multan Airport is The Best Airport in Pakistan

    Yep It Is No Doubt In That............
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    Delhi Airport: Calls for Azadi By a Kashmiri

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    Hindus object selling of shoes inscribed with 'Om' in Tando Adam

    Well that is Very wrong ......... I agree with our Hindu brothers here. There is no room for insult to any religion.............
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    Turkey can also produce F16 cant we Purchase for them??????????????
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    Rangers operation in Punjab on the cards

    Why only South Punjab Whole Punjab Needs It..............
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    AH-1Z Viper, 1000 Hellfire II Missiles approved for sale to Pakistan.

    Well What a move by Pakistan LOL:omghaha::omghaha::omghaha: Finally They have given up the decision of not providing AH-1Z Viper to Pakistan...... Thanks China & Russia..........:woot: But Z10 Whould be a Wise Move to be honest...... Hope PA also get that toooooooo.... i think pakistan has...
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    Army chief hopes to bring back hockey's lost glory

    Well It Was Bound To Happen..............
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    Petrol prices likely to go down by 13.7% in February

    What is light Speed diesel oil i never saw it on pumps across Southern Punjab??????

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