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  • Please don't just start threads in any section you find.

    Strategic and geopolitics section is primarily for Pakistan related foreign affairs. New provinces, Pakistan political discussions etc. go into the National Politics section. Other issues such as 'lack of power during Ramadan can go into current affairs or members club'.

    Your threads were moved this time, but in the future they may just be deleted if they are in the wrong section, so please take care where you post. Also look out for existing threads on the same issue - no need to start a new thread every time a new article or analysis comes out.
    Look, as it is there is too much for the mods to handle. I therfore very rarely move threads to the correct section, since it takes up even more time to do that vs delete a thread.

    Also, people tend not to care about where they post a thread, if the mods will simply move it. If the threat of deletion exists, posters tend to be more careful regarding their posts.
    Put it in the world military affairs section.. however do check if the thread exists there or in India defence.
    i have seen it before.
    It would'nt be you DuuDe.. if you bothered to look at forum rules.. read sections before posting stuff that is already there...
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