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    sorry that ur thread got closed, I told you, its their forum sorry mate!!

    sorry that ur thread got closed, I told you, its their forum sorry mate!!
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    Hottest phones to come in 2010

    one thing that sux is Storm is avail only from Verizon not ATT :cry: Moreover, iphone beats strom2 in interface smoothness big time. yulk :sick: :disagree: ------------------------------------ Sony Viaz looks awesome!! :smitten::smitten:
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    Hi, I am here! USA President.

    Welcome aboard mate. Btw, we'll keep Asia, you keep the change :lol:
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    lolz Zaki caught in action.:lol:
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    Where is our awesome photographer, how-u-dhoin?:yes2:
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    Indian AWACS thread

    So, I assume the third one will be deployed in the southern region hence covering the entire nation in a triangular manner - ie, two in the north and one in the south. Is that a starbucks logo? :rofl::rofl:
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    China says no to Pakistan link

    Yep, there is no such thing as 'brotherly' relationship between 'any' nations, its all pure business - pure hardcore business; here money talks. I wonder when people are going to understand this. If there is any 'brotherly' nations, then they are either under developed or still in the dark ages...
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    in that regard u would be like a COAS. yesterday I hit 2K :agree: and broke up with someone.:cry:
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    Terrorists neither Hindu nor Muslim: Gadkari (BJP Party President)

    Is election coming or what?:devil:
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    I hit 2000+, congratts to me :P
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    US-Pak negotiations on nuclear cooperation?

    Nuke deal may tangle South Asian security BEIJING - Indications by the US that it was open to Islamabad's plea for a civilian nuclear deal akin to the US-India agreement would further complicate the security situation in South Asia, experts told China Daily on Monday. The Times of India...
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    US-Pak negotiations on nuclear cooperation?

    'kickbacks' can be from either side:whistle: Zaki, I think all these has something to do with Iran gas pipeline. Probably a sophisticated diplomatic maneuver.
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    Google stops censorship in China

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    US-Pak negotiations on nuclear cooperation?

    N-deal for Pak? US denies, India remains anxious ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI: The US on Monday denied it was considering offering Pakistan a civilian nuclear deal similar to the one it signed with India, refuting purported remarks of Anne Patterson, its ambassasdor to Pakistan, to the contrary...

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