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    Turkish Sensor and Detector Programs

    NEW HELMET FROM ASELSAN old and new AVCI together Special helmet from ASELSAN for national warplanes Developing the helmet-integrated control system Avcı for the attack helicopter, ASELSAN also prepares a special helmet for the pilots of the National Combat Aircraft. With the...
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    PAF acquires new aircraft: Bombardier Global 6000 - to be used as an aerial jammer

    TAI is located in Ankara not istanbul. Due to its technical diffuculities , Hava Soj project is suffering to catch its schedule. First delivery date revised to 2026 even though Aselsan hand over whole electronics to TAI. I dont expect any PAK plane arrival before 2024-25 to TAI. The system is so...
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    Power of the Turkish Armed Forces ( Weapons - News and Updates )

    Eurofighter belongs to previous decade, i doubt THK will get it.
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    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    "Unlike the Turks, the Iranians make all their optics (Turks relied on foreign ones for basically all drones until recently)," Really? Turkish Herons fly with Aselflir 300 EO for more than a decade. Iranian jet powered drones have indigenous jet engines unlike their Turkish counterparts. Maybe...
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    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    i couldnt understand your point, why explosions before hit? i see the reason exaggerate explosions with some gas but why is there remote command for them?
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    Turkish Naval Programs

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    Akinci & Aksungur and Turkish Unmanned Fighter Aircraft Program

    Akinci means 'raider' comes from Ottoman fast attack soldiers Aksungur is the bird means 'white falcon' in english actaully gerfalcon Anka is the bird in persian tales Zumrudu Anka who can revive again and again
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    Turkish Engine Programs

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    Turkish Sensor and Detector Programs

    ASELFLIR R400D ,this guy will be used on air vehicles, development process is almost finished.
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    Turkish Sensor and Detector Programs

    LASER proximity fuze by SAGE,
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    Turkish Missile Programs

    yes it is only 300km.
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    Iranian UAVs | News and Discussions

    so whole world is chasing iran to get one muhajer 6 right?

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