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    Dear AG. Sorry for late reply as I read your message today. Been busy with flying and family...

    Dear AG. Sorry for late reply as I read your message today. Been busy with flying and family. Hope everything good at your end. Regards
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    A short trip to Dhaka , Bangladesh

    going back home
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    A short trip to Dhaka , Bangladesh

    A week back I operated a roundtrip flight to Dhaka. Aircraft was Boeing 747-300 classic registration AP-BFY. Our passengers (around 450) were mostly Bangladeshi citizens who were on transit from Middle East. Our departure from Karachi was on time and heading east we soon entered Indian...
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    PAF guys we saw dancing on video are suspended from flying

    Lots of fun stuff goes in the Armed forces in form of dramatic clubs, singing competitions’, pantomimes, carry catching etc.. There are lot of entertainers and performers but they all are kept well away from the civilian’s eyes!!! We hide them in the closet and don’t want...
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    Kashmir | News & Discussions.

    Good to have you here Sir . So you think they all wear differnt uniforms so they cant be from the police etc. Lets go for a walk in the streets of kashmir and meet few Police walas. They might surprise you. 2 guys : Different uniforms 4 guys: Totally different uniforms Who are these...
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    Burning of Koran is CANCELLED

    Let the sanity prevail and I sincerely hope that the pastor and group DO NOT burn the Quran. The terrorist of 9/11 do not represent all Muslims but Quran does represent Muslims. Those terrorist believed in a certain fukced up ideology and belong to a certain group . I would request USA to blow...
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    Favourite English TV shows

    Hannah Montana Power Puff Girls Zack and Cody Also. Desperate House Wives Sexx and the City Oprah :hitwall: I am married and have an 8 year old, so basically I don’t have any choice when it comes to TV: I am only allowed to watch whatever others are watching. :cry: :cry:
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    Blair and Brown betrayed our troops, says UK Ex-army chief

    Wonder why all the moral awakening now ? He was responsible for the soldiers he led but never stood up for them. Now it’s too late the hero Sure he has got his hefty pension secured and can speak now whatever he wants. He already blew his chances, no one really cares about him anymore...
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    Tony Blair on Dick Cheney: He wanted to invade Iraq, Syria, Iran Read mor

    May be she turned Lesbo because she doesnt like Dick. .... Errrr I mean Dick Cheney :angel:
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    Iranian woman sentenced to death to be lashed over photo

    Why is that only women are getting lashes and stones in Iran...Where are men hiding ? If there is a law then it should imply equally on both parties. Are the men getting away with it or it’s just that no one cares to mention about them? If they want to apply Hadood laws, then for...
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    PAF Air Refueling Capability

    Long nose has nothing to do with aerodynamic stablity . The dual seat Mirage has come in shapes and sizes, all depending upon the users requirments. Take a look at the pics below. It might clear the things for you. Basically our Mirage DPs are based on Mirage 5 hence longer nose.
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    Air Force Question Thread

    Yaar I dont know which mission you want to sketch, for that you have to contact sir MK as only he knows about it. I am not in contact with him either. All I can tell you is that it is Mirage III EP. Just saw your work. Its great. Keep it up. :tup:
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    Narrowing PAF Gap V IAF by 2015

    The above paragraphs have been taken from Air Commodore KAISER TUFAIL’s article: Kargil Conflict and PAF. Below is the link for full article. Don’t rush thru it and I will request you to read it very carefully. It should take care of all your grievances and gross misconceptions that...
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    Air Force Question Thread

    The answer lies in question that which all versions PAF had during 71 war? PAF had Mirage IIIEP delivered in early March 1968 and a total of 3 Mirage III DP, 18 Mirage IIIEP, 3 Mirage III RP delivered in 1968-1971. DP stands for Dual Purpose i.e. the two seat training version. RP is for...
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    Group Captain Sachin Tendulkar!

    I think its a great gesture to give Sachin Hon rank. His accomplishments in Cricket cannot be over emphasised. He also ticks all the boxes : He is young, got a very likeable personality, extremely popular amongst masses , an achiever for his country and a family guy. Who else could qualify...

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