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    The glorious history of the Turks and the subcontinent

    The Turks are the vikings of the Islamic world!
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    Total US economic stimulus package tops $6 trillion

    GOD what a Mess We are living in the end times:suicide2::suicide:
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    Please pray for the Full Recovery of my older Brother,

    thinking and praying about your brother May the almighty help you and your family in these trying times
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    Happy Pakistan day to all Pakistanis.

    May my beautiful nation prosper always
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    Majestic Su 30 MKI's - Night operations - HD footage

    Night Time is like a Snapchat filter It can even make a mediocre fighter jet look good ;):azn:
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    Savage memes

    Welcome :dirol::dirol:
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    Indian Army Soldier Killed in Ceasefire Violation by Pakistan in Uri Sector of LOC

    everytime an indian dies an a kitten a kitten is born
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    What Did the U.S. Get for $2 Trillion in Afghanistan?

    Gamit is a lost cause Uncle sam can take S**T on his table and hell eat it like Sunday dinner
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    Greek Mirage 2000 locks a Turkish frigate

    even if it "lockes on" what does it mean?
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    Greta Thunberg : "You've stolen my childhood"

    these are two different fruits sir if you know what i mean
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    Agni 3 test fail .

    may they fail more
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    Pakistani Full Movies Copied By Bollywood

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    Disgusting... 8 million indians search Rape victim's video on a po*n website.

    giving internet to the Indians is humanity's worst mistakes slavs are next
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    Korean Tekken Legend ‘Knee’ Comes To Pakistan And He Loves Pakistan’s Hospitality

    street fight 2 come @ me :pakistan::pakistan::bounce::bounce:
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    Sri Lanka Wants to Undo Deal to Lease Port to China for 99 Years

    99 years is not that long just wait for and itl pass and you can have your handover ceremony like Hong Kong

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