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  • Hello Doctor,

    I am Good, I Scored 83% in First Proff.
    Hmm... I will. Thanks For your Concern :)

    Oh wow, you are learning surgery..! That's great. Waiting for the day when I will do the same.
    Yeah I can Understand. It really gets hectic and very tiring sometimes.

    All the best. Do well. May god gives your hands all the precision, and your knife all the grace. :)
    hehehe... evil brahmin. nice.

    I took admission in my college right after clearing my 12th without wasting a year.! And i never attended any coaching classes in KOTA or DELHI.(Allen or Aakash).

    And you won't believe, I got a ranking of 119 in Uttar Pradesh Common Medical Entrance Test(UPCMET), In my "ZERO ATTEMPT"..! I am sure, if i had wasted a year, i could have qualified for AIIMS. But, i don't make any difference, cause the standard of my college is no where less than AIIMS. And everyone advised me not to waste a year.
    hehehehe... even my friends dont believe me..! but get amazed when the results r out.

    And i fully agree with the seven reasons why we selected medical. those were damn funny. please add 8th reason, that i wanted to experience hell. :) tc
    Anotomy is my fav. subject sir. i find it damn really intresting. my college has been ranked 7th by indian medical assocition based on standard of education. and being a girl, i dont find any problem in anotomy and any other subjects. and i dont see any reason why boys have upper hand..! and u didnt answered my question..!
    Mera to first proff ka syllabus b ho gaya h.. revision kr rhi hu.. roz din me doubt class jaati hu, so, doubts b zyaadatar clear ho gae h.. bs bio chem k 2 lessons me thodi prob. h, uske lie roz sir ka dimaag khaati hu. hopefuly wo b sunday tk ho jaenge.

    Mere friends ka to abi tk syllabus hi complete nhi hua.. pta nhi kya krte rhte h..! phle lectures bunk kie ab pachta rhe h..!

    ragging to bht hui, par acchi waali, par ab hm seniors ki lete h.. lol. aur ha, mod. ka idea accha h..lol. meri height b 5foot 7inches h.. and yeah, i am evil brahman, very very evil. lol. are u brahmin too?
    hello doc. nice to see another medico here. yeah, life is really tough and hard in mbbs. but, thats how we have always imagined it to be. right? easy life is not worth living. pressure makes diamond. i love my life cause its difficult and challenging.

    sir, u r right. me net thoda zyaada krti hu par itna zyaada b nhi krti..! i have a life..! 2-3 hours online hoti hu bs. abhi tk mere total 76% marks h which are very good, touchwood, as u know the standard of rohilkhand university is very very very high.
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