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  • Well bro you are right. Leaders did make a lot of mistakes and together we could have been a strong
    country. But I couldn't reply to your post since some of my fellow country men will brand me razakar
    and it will invite lot of trolling. Thanks.
    "Because Pakistan ka matlab kya? LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH"

    Where did this term come from? Do you know? It was a slogan during the Zia dictatorship. Absolutely not from Jinnah's time.
    Talk like an idiot on some other forum, this place is not the right place to discuss your views on homosexuality.
    I was thinking that we who support PTI should change our avatars to PTI logo, IK pics or whatever we like, maybe agree upon one picture as our avatar ? what you say?
    Please do NOT QUOTE & reply to that indian "aos1101"... replying him will ONLY cause him to write more of foul stuff... Thank you.
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