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    Debt servicing surges to Rs2.1tr

    Isn't this a threat to our National security? we have not yet accounted the pension problem, the losses made by Government Owned Enterprises and the Circular Debt in Energy Sector. How are we gonna survive this?
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    PLA Border Troops Training with Nail Stubbed Iron Rods and Sharp Blades Near the LAC

    All Indian POWs in Chinese custody says Hi!!!
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    Featured CoronaVirus in Pakistan - Updates & Discussion

    My Mom was treated in this hospital she has recovered now, its the best hospital for covid in ISB 😍
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    EU Parliament to review Pakistan’s GSP+ status and put trade embargo (blasphemy laws

    galian deny se pehlay pata kar lo ke in ka bhi to koi 4 5 billion dollar qarza ni dena? :partay:
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    Ramadan in Pakistan

    Results of all this carelessness could be devastating, you don't know how it feels seeing your parents don't able to breath and you cant do anything.
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    PTI Comprehensively Humiliated in Karachi

    I am a voter of PTI for past 2 elections, and its heart breaking to see such sad state of affairs.
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    Covid-19 - Devastating Second Wave in India - Updates and Discussion

    Pakistan should speed up the vaccination drive, now more younger people are at risk and for longer, my mother 49 years old is in hospital same is the case with some other young people I know of. Virus is mutating to attack more young people as elderly around the world have been vaccinated. Our...
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    Pakistan citizens urge PM Imran Khan on Twitter to help India tide over Covid crisis

    We cant help anyone, as in some weeks we may be in the same situation, we should start preparing from now. Oxygen shortage has started, hospitals over burdened. SOPs should be followed and all events should be banned.
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    Pictures from cities | Islamabad

    This Beauty 😍
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    Featured Breaking : Pakistan to ban TLP officially

    yes, but its a old video before major crackdown when they were enjoying leverage, now all these will be behind bars.

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