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    I'll reply in detail a bit later.Kindly save them.I've saved your email ,edit the message and erase the mailing address, as it's a public forum.I'll do the same later on.


    That's good at-least you are working in a good system there,that throws opportunities at you and it's you who need to grab them.In ours ,you need to create those on your own,and still those who deserve don't get their share.

    It's good that you do the PhD now than deferring it because age does matter a lot,as you grow older expectations and burden of work increases a lot. PM me your good name please.And share your email too ,i may not be here for long.It will be good to know each others.And keep in touch.

    It's really nice to know:)

    Brother i've passed all these hurdles successfully.And i'm entering into a professional life now. Challenges keeps on getting bigger all the time and the same applies to my case.And yes i agree one has to change one's priorities accordingly.

    Yeah i know it matches perfectly to that Stress Ulceration related Bleeding ,but it has nothing to do with it.:) I've this abbreviation in mind since i never knew a thing about medical sciences and stuff.It's just a name been abbreviated just for online activity and easy recognition.

    About future plans,it's a long way to go.....still anchoring my feet in the society i'm born in and getting in the system.So that i've a firm base before i try for PLAB or USMLE.............the later fascinates me a lot & i'm preparing for it for a while now....(Continued).

    Time for God,Time for studies,Time for family & Time for myself and extracurricular. The first three remains almost constant.So, the last part varies between extracurricular and myself.... depending upon my mood and priorities.
    It's a really very demanding profession,it just beats you down.....No way you can prosper in it with out putting an extra effort in it and the support from your family. You just can't get enough time for fun.So i'm always short of time and can't login everyday.But i do believe in a healthy interaction.So, i'm here.

    Responsibilities are increasing day by day,I'm smelling the day when i'll be saying bye bye to some of my online extracurricular like this forum.
    Can i ask what's your profession?

    First of all don't change your avatar my friend.
    Secondly yeah ,the particular discussion should be discouraged due to limitation of our knowledge and time.But people do get emotional when they see people bashing religion with just one way restrictions.
    And your question about time, well this thing comes as my tertiary priority,I'm a member of a medical forum and two more military forums.And i always make sure that the time i spare for them is the one i have allocated for myself only....hehe.Because personally i have divided it in four divisions..........Continued.(message too long.)
    WoW what a name(handle) and a lovely matching avatar.Read some of your conversation with M.B. Qasim.........will agree with you on that.

    hey thanks..

    With all due respect. I think who ever has presented the work has failed to comprehend the metaphors.
    "lower your gaze".
    Some Muslims have taken this phrase in a literal manner.
    According to my understanding Lower your gaze means (as a respect to women, dont fest on their beauty).
    Some people interpret it as in "cover your face" :P
    If it was obligatory for women to cover their faces then how is it possible to chose a partner of your own choice? LOL. Islam permits men and women to chose their own partner but in the limits of Islam.
    I hope that helps.

    Btw.. I do not know how i am interpreting things.... I have yet to finish reading Quran for the first time..... I am just thankful to allah.
    I take your point... I m leaving this forum... Do you know any other forums related to Pak Army where Islamic opinions are allowed?
    Gladly, Though if you're a traditionalist muslim (i.e. follow the hadith and sunnah), this site may be an eye opener ;)

    The Islamic State
    Principles of Western democracy and Islam
    The Declaration of Independence and Islam
    Criminal Justice in Islam
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