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    U.S. rules out adding India, Japan to AUKUS

    india would chew a billion d1cks in the hope to join. indians love to be whiter than white.....sadly for them inglo saxenas would never be contaminated by slumdogs
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    Five million Chinese will be working in Pakistan in next four years

    Better than smelling like rapistani indians
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    India: 26 held for raping 15 year old

    Bhangee rape buffet bonanza
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    AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s house in Delhi vandalised by Hindu Sena members

    Good serves him right for sucking hindu ***
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    Amarullah Saleh who fled to Tajikistan, tried to occupy the seat of Afghanistan with active support of India

    if this Tit saleh spent less time spewing venom against pakistan and more time actually doing politics he might have actually achieved something. ISI need to Liquidate him overseas and put him out his pitiful misery
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    PAKISTAN SHOULD NOT APOLOGISE TO BANGLADESH ON 1971 - Pakistan wishes Bangladesh well.May the Muslims of Bengal, remain happy forever

    Pakistanis must be really randy or extremely potent in the bedroom department, of the 40,000 odd serving in Bangladesh, each one had raped over 5 bengali women. how long are these lies going to propagated? these numbers put our bobs and veganes neighbours to shame
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    After 31-years, Kashmiri Pandits see light at the end of tunnel

    So u can claim legitimacy from the dogra raj and the instrument of accession through them, then do the honourable thing and seek to mend historical injustices committed fro the sikhs to dogras. You cant have your cake and eat it. Between 1740 and 1947 millions of kashmiris were forced from...
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    After 31-years, Kashmiri Pandits see light at the end of tunnel

    Hope you have the balls which i highly doubt since you are an Indian and are not man enough to speak the truth.....to also .....as you have just mentioned for the pandit...….. to also wish for the Kashmiri diaspora who forced out of their homes over the last 200 years by their own Jammu and...
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    MSCI Downgrades Pakistan to Frontier Market After Four Years

    getting your house in order from the chaos created by these criminal mafia politicians was always going to come at a price
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    Afghan Air Force Aircrafts for Pakistan airforce

    Why should pakistan take them? They are not scavengers....
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    Afganistan civil war updates; 8 provinical capitals fallen

    we only want 1 gift from Taliban......Amreh Saala
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    Gunmen in Pakistan attack Chinese factory workers in Karachi

    Simple answer gummen could attack westerners in Goa and bangalore....tit for tat. How much that would affect indian tourist and tech industry...they will soon reach out for backroom diplomacy
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    India's Harrappan city Dholavira is now an UNESCO World Heritage

    Stop attention whoring India was a name given to you puppets by the British and you cuckolds gladly took it from your masters. Sindhu is the ancient name for the indus, we still have sindh and we have the indus, etymologically IVC is all of pakistan. We are the inheritors of this great...
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    US slipped out of Bagram at night, didn’t tell new commander: Afghan military

    Did they happen to have their tail between their legs by any chance?

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