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  • Dude do u really know what chain smoker means...it means a person who lites a new one even before the last one is finished...& i used to smoke more than 100 to about 120 cigrettes a day... i can do better maths cozz am a Engineer...guess what i even smoke at night & it is 5.00am now still am awake smoking :-D....
    Have you gone to the China section of Defence forum India?

    Its freaking filled with hate threads and the mods do nothing because they are the primary participants.
    hay there mate !!!no no! Am not a journlist but a pharmacist lol... I simply collect defence news and updates freaks usually collect from here and there and makes life much easier for poster guys as don't have search anything for latest news ,just click ma blog n ta daa.,but i did some research too like APACHE HELICOPTER COMPLETE WEAPON LOAD ,FMBT TANK FANBOY IMPRESSION ETC ETC...YOU CAN CHECK OUT AT PHOTO SLIDESHOW ....tc
    Please tell this to the admins or the webmaster, I believe they can edit the avatars.
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