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    Singapore Air Force F-16C in India for air combat exercise with IAF Rafales, Sukhois, Tejas

    Contrary to the tweet it hasn't ended though. It will last till 10th December.
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    Pakistan’s JF-17 Block-3 Fighter Surfaces With ‘Deadly’ Upgrades; German Expert Compares With India’s LCA Tejas

    Andreas Rupprecht aka Deino is a school teacher. He is no expert except maybe on Chinese PLAAF units and programs. I too like to read and write on space technology just like Rupprecht does about Chinese aviation, that does not make me an expert on space tech
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    27 Feb 19: PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace: DG ISPR

    That's because we didn't need to talk about surgical strikes. Just Balakot strikes were enough to force Pakistani military establishment to cut down on activities of LeT, JeM etc and causing a total collapse of insurgency in Kashmir. It is no coincidence that Indian security forces casualties in...
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    Pakistan rumored to be interested in additional RJAF F-16s

    *compared to 20 PAF Fake. both pilots including Grp Captain santra survived.
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    Pakistan rumored to be interested in additional RJAF F-16s

    12 IAF fighter pilots killed since 2012 compared to PAF fighter pilots. 50 vs 31 crashes.
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    Pakistan rumored to be interested in additional RJAF F-16s

    Incorrect information. For PAF fighter pilots casualties in fighter jet crashes are higher than IAF fighter pilots casualties in fighter jet crashes, despite being smaller in size. Crash rate as % of fleet size is also higher for PAF than IAF.
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    Unilateral moves on Kashmir can further complicate situation: Beijing

    It is the exact same statement China has been issuing for past 15 years on Kashmir. Is worth nothing.
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    Missing your defense updates.

    Missing your defense updates.
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    just enjoyed watching indian army posts on LOC under my feet

    Almost no fratrocides in army in recent years

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