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  • The WebMaster ADMINISTRATOR is non-intentionally helping Saudis (e.g., The SC) insulting my country Algeria with no reason and publishing Saudi propaganda against Algeria, while restricting my access to this site.
    You are free, what is restricting? It is a free forum how are we helping saudis?
    Why can't I access pdf via mobile app. Is there any change? How can do so if there is a change
    I can access it. Pls check your ISP
    I can't access mobile app since more than a month now. Any updates?
    Salam alaikum.

    Can you please delete my account (deleting all my posts would be best or overwrite my username with something else)?

    Take care and all the best to you and PDF!
    May I respond to Falcon29 accusing me? How can I be harassing him if I didn't address him? He claims I was insulting him, which isn't true (I'll translate my post into English if asked). All I did was to inform two members about this user's past behavior towards Iranians and some of the statements he had made. If this qualifies as an attack, I couldn't have known. He doesn't speak Farsi to understand what I wrote.
    Is it okay here to harass members/insult them in chill threads ? Why aren't you dealing with @SalarHaqq ? He was speaking in Farsi in the chill thread attacking me.
    I have just posted an article on pdf but it needs correction.
    The article is titled J-15 pass or fail
    It has repeated itself a number of times please can you correct
    Thanking you in advance
    I failed utterly to see what is inappropriate in my wording.

    White and green can talk absolute rubbish and I got to swallow what he spouting?

    You taking the words of some nameless entity hiding behind a makeup name to be gospel truth?

    I would like to know why my post from the following thread was deleted. I am quite new here and I genuinely want to know what was wrong with my wording.

    Pak went back on its F-16 promise to US. How India fixed the gaps with Rafale
    AOA sir,
    Can you tell me what is the promotion criteria of members (both rank as well as status). Also why isn't the name and country visible on a mobile or is it only me?
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