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  • Dude, the other guy mentions me and starts insulting me and my family and you issue me a warning instead of just banning him outright? Who attacks another person without provocation on a forum? It makes no sense. Have you seen his new post where he uses sexual insults and threatens to kill my family? I wasn't even participating in that discussion when he mentioned me and insulted me.
    Dear Webmaster I was given 2 strike points on January the 28th for six weeks on an article that was published in a mainstream national newspaper, which I find unfair and unjustified. The article was allowed to be published by PEMRA and no action was taken by FIA at the author.Since this forum is open for everyone and not one school of thought I sincerely hope my points will be WAIVED on this occasion.Thanks
    Hey, how did I violate forum rules?

    Can you point to what I did wrong in any of my posts?
    SuvarnaTeja, everyone has the right to question if they think they have been wronged.
    Hello sir. I want yo deactivate my account from PDF. Please remove it or guide me so I can do it myself.
    can i ask u why u issued me a warning when this guy denilo clearly trolling me. And i have complained u also
    Oh yes since he is int mod he is above the lawk
    Please take action against Deino member he is dilebrately trolling me on my posts i hope you do something about the issue

    May I know what is the warning for when I only asked for top speed of all flankers variants bought and built domestically by China in all China flankers variants thread? Since deino condemned almost every point I posted based on military books that I've read and US aircraft carrier pilots that fly the F/A-18E.

    can you please delate my account or my Posts please, I was on military exercises in Germany, and the Security Check asked me about my backyard. So this would help me.
    PakDef Mobile application is not working for a few months. Can you kindly let me know if it has been restored or roughly how long will it is likely to take for its resurrection.
    It will not be restored. Please use the web page.
    Thanks for the info
    You issued me a warning for trolling and gave me 1 point but failed to mention when and where I did the trolling...
    Dear sir I have 23 positive ratings and 2 negative ratings showing on my page. How come they only showing 17 reaction scores now, 4 of them have gone missing somehow. Can you please fix this anomaly. Thanks
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