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  • Joe Shearer gave me the -ive rating for something which is not against the rule of this forum, indian members are giving -ive rating due to current india-Pakistan situation. Infect someone said its against the law and i commented that only give punishment if establish in army court
    Joe Shearer gave me -ive rating for one of my post. there is nothing in the post which gets -ive rating. indian memebers are giving -ive rating here for no reasons. please stop this
    Hey why my post has been deleted regarding pakistan buying wakhan area from afghanistan???
    Quite the sell out eh webby? How times change in pursuit of a few cents. Nice submissive forum m8 keep it up.
    Touche :D
    Accusations? Just lack of mod activity nothing more.
    sir kindly change it to ebrahym which is my real name with the spelling i provided
    a_b doesnot seems right thnx
    i've been trying to approach u for quite some time
    I live in UK, Army service man. Adviser of ICAU (International counterterrorism unit. In this forum i heard that admin and mods give professional badge. Can i get one badge plz ?

    Security evidence you need. U know i can't expose my security evidence for my security concern. In that terms what decision should be taken?

    Brother WAZ told me to contact with u .
    Dear Founder of PDF- How can i help PDF ? On the Behalf of financial purpose ? want to talk with u .
    I was an admin of mig33 forums. so i know how to rule a forum. I really want to help PDF by my soul. However here i saw some ppl are my enemy, some are too good. so what happened. In forum it is natural.
    Asssalam Alykum

    Brother hope you are well. I want to talk with you about issues. Can we talk in pvt please?
    Dear Bro sorry to bother you but i have no other way to address this situation Bro Joe and his pack hitting me and awarding me negatives not only that they call me overload a banned member i protest it even lodged a complain but no action sorry to say Kindly check my complain and their also please end this. Please
    When is it necessary to do an IP ban for a certain user? What would they have to do to get that?
    bhai yar name change krdo to ebrahym .............. plz bari deir sy request kr rha hun
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