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  • I have requested for my username to be changed. This is for personal and security reasons. Could you kindly do the needful. Thanks.
    i get threat from mod but i get strike from you. why mod threatened me ? is he on payroll from AGHA KHAN?.
    you have azad kashmir flag on your profile, for giving me strike for absolute bull sh it reason you should remove the flag.
    You are quick to hand out bans but let other people shit all over the Iranian section despite the fact they remain in clear violation of rules and allow them a free hand to do so.
    You are classic son of...... Let me know what you assume. You ban people on your assumptions. I want to what your assumptions about my words
    Try this plugin to stop control bots from posting

    Dear Webmaster can you tell me who funds this site and the staff running it. I will be eternally grateful if you answer my query. Many thanks
    Salaam, are you still removing negative ratings? I got one out of pure spite in an argument. There was no insult towards anyone in the post, though.
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