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  • "Anyway u used insha allah and allah ho akbar."

    Did you not get the sarcastic tone? I also told that Muhammad bin kasim should be made father of Amrikistan. lol Most of the pakistanios still claim that the mass murderer, mass rapist, Muhammad mofo kasim founded their land of pure few hundred years back.

    Its the same mentality to be in denial about civilisational roots that pakeestanis suffer and to some extent Indian muslims too.

    Just because Ramadev took a fast against corruption doesnt make it a Hindu affair.

    Would u support it was taken by the nityanandas , premanadas and other anandas before their bad hour and hail them and call all others opposing as anti national and Muslim?

    Anyway u are a false flag cause u didnt tell me even which state u are from .. are u that rikshaw driver guy who was banned earlier?
    Why would a Civilisationally Indic person will be happy If Islam for all the reasons it is unpopular for, and for all the reasons that it has caused sever civilisational harm to "our" Indic civilisation, is growing in other countries. Strange for a non-muslim, you bend further down to use Arabi alhamdulillah, to show your intimacy to the religion and its followers. Its is quite naturally expected what your vies on nationalistic issue can be.

    And chillax mate. A nationalist aint a talibunny.

    Its 190 million of you people who have been living in India are more safe in India than any where else.
    Looking at your posts there I was 99.9 % sure that you ought to be deracinated muslim, with personal vengence to a hindu spiritual leader Simpley because it is Indiac and not Araby and beardy Islamic. You seemed to target not the message but the messenger right from the begining. Anti corruption was not your focus. BRD was.

    Any ways I stand corrected. Thanks for your time dude. Allah Hafiz
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