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    Operation Swift Retort - Latest Vedio !!!

    27 Feb 2019 Operation Swift Retort . When smaller PAF riped apart the myth of much larger IAF through sheer professionalism. Vedio re edited to come as close to the real action events as possible.
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    Fl Lt Hameed Asghar Shaheed PAF

    Now its No 9 Multi role squadron Call sign Griffins - F16s
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    Fl Lt Hameed Asghar Shaheed PAF

    it is great honour for me and my family my Mamoon Jan Fl Lt Hameed Asghar shaheed embraced with shahadat in 1971 War . He served in squadron 9 , elite squadron of PAF ,he was fighter pilot of F 104 Star Fighter.
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    Astrology Club!!!

    Astrology is not devine knowledge , it is not 100% accurate .
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    Astrology Club!!!

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    The Battle of El Aamein !!!

    Majority Soldiers in 8th Army WW2 were from Punjab, India.
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    Frontier Force Regiment - 2 NH , MA

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